10.0 «Destination Horizon» update

Allods Online is awaiting its 10.0 anniversary «Destination Horizon» update which promises to be one of the best! Learn the destiny of the ones who sirvived Sarnaut's defeat to Nihaz' Darkness, and dive deep into the atmospehere of an unknown and dangerous continent.

«Destination Horizon» introduces three new classes, graphic improvements, PvP and PvE equipment, and various new activities to participate in.

The tower was completely silent. Not a single sound could find its way inside, and only sometimes a quiet scratching of a quill pen could be heard from the upper chambers. A tall graceful figure was walking inside the spacious study immersed in twilight.

Zayan was writing a new page of Sarnaut's Chronicles history, silently commanding a magic quill floating above the folio in the middle of the room. The time has not changed the elf, but in some fleeting moments the candlelight would highlight his face, revealing the traces of tiredness. The Last Historian was bearing the burden of knowlede about old Sarnaut's last days.

Last pages of Sarnaut's Chronicles

As a result of multiple successful truces concluded between the League and the Empire, as well as some crucial events that happened in the histories of both nations, the old feud has almost ended by the year of 1028.

Great houses of de Grandeur and de Desirae publicly denounced the continuation of military support from the elven houses, and shortly after, the war was declared "a bad taste" among other Great and Lesser houses.

Gibberlings, who were only driven by desire to restore their lost homeland, began to pursue that goal with a stubborness so common to this folk. Every day, one little piece after another, the New Land was freed from the eternal frost, and more and more gibberlings were gathering to the Garden City to vitness the fulfillment of their old dream. Who has the time for wars in the moments like this?

And so, if the Empire would decide to strike its decisive blow now, the League would be finished forever. But they had their own matters.

Skulnar the Fierce has announced his return and readiness to lead orcish clans. After getting full support of Wrokag the Northwind and his loyal wardens, he began the process of becoming Great Chief of orcs. Not every clan happily embraced the idea, and neither did the Empire whose old fear of orcish independacy has become the reality they couldn't stop from happening.

Nefer Ur recognized in time the weak link in the Empire's military force, and declined to support Yasker's attempts to suppress orcish uprising. Skulnar the Fierce and Hero of Sarnaut joined him, threatening to expose the cruel experiments that resulted in development of psionic powers in young generations of orcs, which could potentially escalate the fury of rapidly uniting clans.

The year 1046 did not promise any troubles, but it was this year that became the beginning of the end. Demons declared their readiness to send a research expedition beyond Sarnaut. With the help of aoidos and the Sculptor, an experimental ship was created and began its journey from an abandoned pirate outpus hidden deep in the Astral. Three weeks later, the Great Mage of aoidos Cosmos proclaimed the ship to be lost from the line of sight of the Observatory.

Four months later, it returned to this world. After failing to establish contact with the crew, Hero of Sarnaut, sure of grave danger hiding inside the ship, led an operation to board it. No one has seen them ever since.

Soon after that, the ship crashed into Dane, almost completely destroying the allod. It was this place where began something that was later called the Great Darkness. Research squadrons that were sent to Dane reported disappearence of Astral around the allod, and the Darkness that took its place and kept growing. United, Cosmos, Nefer Ur and I were able to temporary stop its spread.

In the meantime, wild demons were gathering to the emptiness around Dane, vanishing among fragments of the allod. Soon the terrible truth was revealed: all these years Nihaz was slowly enslaving their minds. In the frenzy of madness, they started yet another war in Sarnaut.

The Gift of Tensess disappeared in 1055. No one was expecting that, and death that came to Sarnaut in the midst of war stroke a crushing blow to all all its inhabitants. The population decline was rapid, and one by one, allods were falling under demons' attacks.

The Great Mages were vanishing. Old Aidenus first, and then the others: Cosmos, Klavdia... The Darkness didn't care for survivors in this war. The inhabitants of Sarnaut were being simply wiped off its face.

What else could a handful of survivors do, other than flee? Elven Galleon Castle was one of the few arks ready to begin their journey to the last refuge in the depths of Astral. I will never forget the massacre that accompanied our departure. By that time, all the large allods were already absorbed by the Darkness, and only two of the Great Mages excpet me were alive: Nefer Ur and Catherina.

In the last battle of Kania, Skulnar the Fierce and two of his sons made a very brave but dangerous decision to use their psionic powers and remains of Observatory's technologies to capture the allod in the endless time loop. Now both the Darnkess and Astral have no power over that place, but there's also no way back...

7 years ago, in the year 1179, we arrived here, to the place that has become our new home.

To our destination. Destination Horizon.

«Urgh, night patrol shift again», Miron muttered to himself while leaning on the pole of his spear. He was an experienced warrior who'd rather spend his time drinking ale in one of the Hightown's inns than keeping order on the outskirts of the peasants quarters.

But no one could go against the orders of Dunai. The old orc captain knew how to maintain order on the territory he was entrusted with. Troubled times that came with pitch-black nights made every last drunkard and reveler stay at home, leaving streets and alleys empty.

Suddenly, a scream pierced the silent night. «Apostates!», and then a dull sound of a thump, glass breaking, and a crying child. All that made the patrol rush at once after Miron to the closest alley, the other end of which was already lit with fire.

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