10.1 Chaos Games update installed
10.1 Chaos Games update installed

Dear players!

The maintenance is over, and the new update is installed on all servers. Here's a list of changes included in the version of the game.


  • An interrupted game session can now be restored without restarting the game client (if the game was launched via the Game Center).
  • The Urgent Message item can now be discarded if the Aiodos Spark Ability is available.
  • The Learning to work with equipment quest is now available starting at level 80.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect values in the descriptions of some effects displayed on targets.
  • [p2p] The Imperial Thunder Outfit can now be received from the Mysterious Strongbox with Costumes.

Draconic relics

  • Upgraded Draconic relics can now be received as a reward for defeating the final Observatory boss, or bought from Dominion Quartermasters.
Boss Amount of relics (before) Amount of relics (now)
Final (HM) 3 regular 3 upgraded
Other (HM) 1 regular 2 regular
Final (NM) 1 regular 1 upgraded
Other (NM) 1 regular (with a certain chance) 1 regular (guaranteed)
+ a chance to receive a cursed item
  • Regular Draconic relics can no longer be bought from Dominion Quartermasters.

Tournament of Blood

  • The Tournament of Blood ticket owners can now use 4 additional emotion icons.


Holy Land

  • All character of level 80 and higher will receive a letter from Osip Bazhov. He will send you on a quest where you'll have to make a bet with Nihaz to try to save the sparks of three ancient June heroes (or to lose your own).


  • Guilds' maximum Nobility level is increased to 85.
  • After the guild reaches level 100, the Prestige column will be replaced with Nobility (to display the number of Nobility points gained by each member during the current month).
  • Added a new guild ruby that increases the amount of the Dust of Creation received by the guild members for defeating world bosses (5% per rank, up to 25%).
  • Reset all guild rubies, all tabards removed from players. The realgar they didn't receive will be sent out soon.
  • Added Heraldry that lets the guild members use special equipment items and Tactics.

■ Completing daily quests taken from the guild master NPC and taking part in the dominion fights will now give Symbols of accomplishment to your guild.
■ Symbols of accomplishment can be spent to increase the Heraldry rank (additionally requires gold), or to receive a random Tactic.
○ Offensive Tactics increase Proficiency, Determination, Brutality, and one of the special offensive stats.
○ Defensive Tactics increase Vitality, Willpower, Bloodlust, and one of the special defensive stats.
■ The bonus provided by Tactics depends on the Heraldry rank and is only applied during the Dominion fights. Selected Tactics will become inactive on Thursday.

Name Stats
Offensive Tactics
Point Strike Tactics Critical chance
Tactics of mass destructions Critical damage
Second wave Tactics Double attack
Tactics of the four elements Physical / Elemental / Holy / Natural damage
Tactics of suppression Swiftness
Defensive Tactics
Tactics of survival Survivability
Tactics of retention Caution
Complex defense Tactics Physical / Elemental / Holy / Natural protection
Aggressive defense Tactics Concentration


Rating combats

  • The rewards are sent out to the participants according to the current rating table.

Battleground of Chaos

  • Added a new random skirmish format that includes 4 battlegrounds with modified combat rules:

Battle for Cargallas (Chaos)
○ The teams now include up to 24 players. All 3 modes of the Battle for Cargallas skirmish are active at the same time. Points gain is slowed 3 times.
Witch's Hollow (Chaos)
○ A random modifier appears at the start of the skirmish that aims to hit the players of both teams. Players can use the modifiers against each other.
Tower of Order (Chaos)
○ Incoming damage and healing are significantly reduced.
Training ground (Chaos)
○ The golems are replaced with flags. More bonuses with a significant impact on characters were added to the map. Increased characters' speed. Mounts and combat mechanisms are disabled.
■ The battlegrounds rotate each week and are only available as a separate skirmish starting Friday to Monday.
■ A pre-made group with up to 6 members can enter a queue.
■ Added a new Fields of Chaos weekly quest, with a Packed Hero's Insignia as a reward.


  • Fixed an issue where players received the wrong type of transforming crystals after defeating Fierce Octulhus. The crystals that are already in players' possession will be converted soon.


  • Removed the Tempting Offer quest. Players will now receive the same discount for the level 8 runes automatically after completing any objective of the Not a Day without a Gift quest (only if the character is above level 75 and doesn't have a full set of runes level 8 or higher).


  • Added new items that can be bought with premium rank 1.

    ○ Weak catalyst — 6 coupons;
    ○ Symbol of abundance — 6 coupons;
    ○ Water of Life Elixir — 1 coupon;
    ○ Triple replicator — 10 coupons;
    ○ Legendary purification scroll — 1 coupon;
    ○ Small Pack of Universal Tools — 1 coupon.


  • We've also installed the update. The patch notes are in the forum's dedicated thread.