5.0.02 "Forgotten Legends": Enchanted Weapons
5.0.02 "Forgotten Legends": Enchanted Weapons

Forgotten Legends

Dear Sarnaut,

Update 5.0.2: "Forgotten Legends" will give you the chance to make your fabled weaponry even more awe inspiring thanks to the upcoming Enchanted Weapon changes.


Just like regular upgrades, this process takes place at the Anvil of Artifacts.


You can only enchant your main (one-handed, two-handed, or paired) weapon, or additional weapon (such as a wand, bow, or crossbow) so long as it is of Fabled quality.

You will still need Amalgam, Enriched Amalgam and Realgar as reagents, as well as special universal upgraders: Charm of the Steady Hand and Charm of the Eagle Eye, for melee and ranged combat respectively.


Using Amalgam as a reagent increases the weapon’s upgrading progress by 2% on the 1st level of upgrade, by 1,2% on the 2nd level, and by 0,6% on the 3rd level. Using Enriched Amalgam or Realgar is 1,5 and 2 times more effective, respectively.

As a result, weapons will then be marked as 'Enchanted' items:


There are 3 levels of upgrades which gradually increase bonuses from the equipped weapon:

1: Increases Vigor by 38 and Stamina by 40.


2: Increases Vigor by 76 and Stamina by 80, while also increasing Stamina of all characters in the group by 0,5% and changes the weapons appearance.


3: Increases Vigor by 114 and Stamina by 120, while also increasing Vigor and Stamina of all characters in the group by 0,5%.


If all of group members have enchanted weapons of the highest level, this amounts to +6% Vigor and +6% Stamina for the entire party!


There are several ways to obtain the universal upgraders required for the enchanted weapon.

  • Some of the upgraders can be found in the 29th Astral sector. Visiting one island will require 2 Astral Keys.
  • You will get 2 upgraders for each killed intermediate boss and 4 for killing the last one.
  • Also, you can get upgraders for killing bosses in the “Eclipse” adventure -- 4 upgraders for defeating Construct and completing the Ritual, 6 upgraders for killing Harat and Mechos, and 12 upgraders for solving Catherina’s mystery, which are raffled between raid participants.

These changes will be accessible as soon as 5.0.2 Forgotten Legends Update is installed!
If you wish to discuss these changes, feel free to visit the Dedicated Thread!

-The Allods Team

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