5.0.02 "Forgotten Legends": The recap & release date!
5.0.02 "Forgotten Legends": The recap & release date!

Forgotten Legends

Dear players,

We are happy to announce that the 5.0.02 "Forgotten Legends" is currently set to November 13th, 2014, so make sure to tell your friends about it!

While waiting, here is a recap of all the great features heading your way:


The guild system in Allods will go under massive changes. From now on, tangible bonuses will be accessible for both large and small communities. With the new Stature system, guilds will be able to evolve and become an integral part of the progression.


All three rounds of trials in the June Catacombs have been redisigned, and will bring better rewards.


The Ancient mound is the fifth large adventure introduced in Allods. Available from level 59, it will introduce players to the mystery of the Ancient Mound and up to 12 players can participate in this adventure.


With the new recommendation system, players will have new ways to get clues on where to go next: from the loading screen, to a special tab on the Quest log, as well as tooltips.

change screen

The introduction of the 5.0.02 "Forgotten Legends" update will give players an opportunity to change the race of their character. Feeling a little Gibberly today? We've got you covered.


In most cases, a new update also means balancing for existing classes. Of course, all modified classes will receive Water of Life and Water of Death via in-game mail.


A new opportunity to test your astral ship's battle abilities will now be available! Explore the Firing Zone, the Stable Zone and the Scintillation Zone, but be careful with the anomalies!


Make your fabled weapon even more awe inspiring! You'll be able to enhance your weapon's skill, stats, and looks thanks to the Weapon Enchanting feature.

You can also check out the complete patch notes by clicking here.

-The Allods Team

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