5.0.02 "Forgotten Legends": Reflection of Irdrich
5.0.02 "Forgotten Legends": Reflection of Irdrich

Forgotten Legends

Dear Sarnaut,

Today we'd like to tell you about a new Astral adventure - "Reflection of Irdrich".

In update 5.0.02, we wished to return to one of the forgotten chapters in the history of Sarnaut, one that reveals further details about Tep and his inventions. Even though Tep has been defeated, who knows how many of his creations are still hidden in the infinity of the Astral?


One such creation is a giant spark-absorbing obelisk, previously encountered by explorers from the League and Empire. Tep's cruelty knows no limits, and fleets from both factions got trapped after this insidious machine captured the Sparks of the sailors and turned them into frantic ghosts. The poor souls who have been enslaved by the obelisk are now keeping watch, endlessly wandering around the crumbled hulls of once mighty Astral ships.


"We've been watching the gaming dynamics on the existing allods closely, so while developing this new isle we followed one main principle: Enemy damage should be avoidable." - Andrey Kudaev, game designer.

Incoming damage may be avoided by skilled players who are mobile, analyse the situation, and are quick on their feet. Defeating one of the bosses will require using their feet for not only running, but also giving some particularly persistent enemies a good kick.

Reflection of Irdrich is an Astral heroic adventure where players will have to fight five bosses.


Our goal has always been to make every new isle different from the others. We've been studying mechanics used on the existing Astral islands in search of something new, noticing that ships don't usually play a significant role in island adventures. This is how we came up with the main action for this one: an epic skirmish between two Astral ships.

Apart from fighting the bosses, characters will have to fire cannons, carry ammo, avoid explosions and eliminate enemy assault forces.

The final objective is to reach the Obelisk on top of the hill. Upon entering the island, players will see how enormous it is and how many Sparks it has already devoured. The Obelisk looks unprotected, but Tep has given it a powerful defence that significantly decreases incoming damage. In its depths, the creation keeps hundreds of captured Sparks which will be forced to come to its aid. The only way to destroy the obelisk is to set the Sparks free, but beware, the Sparks Devourer will unleash all its power to protect itself when seriously damaged.


You can try this new adventure in the upcoming update 5.0.02 Forgotten Legends!

-The Allods Team

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