5.0.02 preview: Ancient Mound Raid
5.0.02 preview: Ancient Mound Raid

Forgotten Legends

Dear friends!

We are eager to announce that a new adventure, called the "Ancient Mound", will arrive with the upcoming update 5.0.02. It will become the fifth large adventure and will draw a line under events with The Leper.
The action will take place in a tomb where the greatest Sarnaut's heroes slumber after finishing their great deeds. Here hides the Demon who is guilty of all miseries that have fallen over Umoir. It calls upon the evil magic to awaken the dead armies of greatest warlords, once glorious but now forgotten.

The adventure will be available for you at level 59 with a quest available at the Postmans located in the capitals and in the Lower City:


The quest will also be accompanied by a special letter from Vseslav the Wise:


So you won't miss the new activity. Upon completion of the quest you'll be able to meet Vseslav the Wise in person:


He will introduce you to the mystery of the Ancient Mound and ask you to go through a special portal to the Ancient Mound map and investigate the situation:


After completion of a quest chain from Vseslav the Wise and the Mysterious Ghost you'll need to fight a heavy battle against the undead:


If you survive it, you'll get your chance to gather a group of players and enter the tomb:


The number of players needed for this adventure has been reduced to 12. The players will be able to choose, which of the two starting bosses they prefer to fight. After defeating one (or both) of them,


they will have access to the next two bosses.


The adventure is adjusted for characters with an outdated equipment. Each boss kill will reward a group with 12 Strongboxes with upgraders of Epic quality for different stats (stats are defined randomly).


From some bosses you’ll get costume chests, and the last boss will drop color patterns for mounts and an eternal Insignia of Fabled quality.

As the story goes, a lot of answers will be given to the unanswered questions from the Rage of Mages, to which the Ancient Mound offers a lot of references and allusions.

"This story will finally close the Leper chapter of Umoir".
- Andrew Linev, story writer

Heroes will finally meet the Primal Demon, who started all the Umoir mess. But first they will have to fight their way through the crowds of the undead and kill them all - otherwise the dead army will attack the allod and the local citizens...


Besides, despite the latest events, Pagan Outlaws and Catherina's army (Guards) are still foes. Players will have to use their diplomatic skills and find a way to reconcile them, before it is too late.

Players can start investigating the mysteries of the Ancient Mound in the update 5.0.02 Forgotten Legends! Join us on our Official Forums and tell us: are you looking forward to taking on the Primal Demon?

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