5.0.02 preview: New Guild System
5.0.02 preview: New Guild System

Forgotten Legends

Today we are going to tell you about the first important innovation in the update 5.0.02 - Forgotten Legends - the renewed guild system!


First of all, we will tell you about the reason for the upcoming changes. The first one is a lack of truly valuable rewards for the achievement of levelling up a guild. Small increases of duration of potion effects, minor boosts to stats definitely couldn't be a good motivation to launch the game in order to complete daily quests and collect Marks of Diligence.

So, we wanted to make guild levels really matter by rewarding players with significant bonuses when reaching each one of them. At the same time, we didn't mean to make no-guild players too weak, leaving them with a feeling of being useless and abandoned in group events. So we had to make the rewards for guild development more valuable but not 100% obligatory.

The task was complicated by the fact that guild development is a long process, which takes longer than just a couple of days or even weeks. In addition, guilds have different number of members, with different level of game activity, so potentially guilds will be progressing with a different speed, which will naturally lead some guilds to becoming stronger than others.

Altogether, our goal was to build up a reward system that would suit every type of guild within the same activity. And as a realization of this challenging goal came the renewed guild system!

We decided not to remove or re-set Prestige - losing what has been gained already could have made many of you too sad. However, leaving everything as is was not such a good idea, either, because gathering the necessary Prestige was next to impossible for smaller guilds. So we introduced Nobility - units of measurement, similar to Prestige. Now, together with Prestige, a guild gets Nobility in the same amount. And with Nobility guild's level also increases up to 70. Each new level of Nobility unlocks a special talent point that can be spent for different upgrades.

Nobility can be earned in general guild activities; but in addition to that each guild member could help his or her guild increase Nobility just by getting a new level - the higher the character's level is, the more Nobility his or her guild receives.

Still, very strong and active guilds would go ahead much faster than other guilds. In order to decrease a huge gap in progress of larger and smaller guilds, we also introduced Guild Seasons.

Just like in the Mausoleum of Sparks, the process of guild development will be divided into seasons (shorter ones, though). Depending on amount of Nobility guilds gained during the season a special rating table will be created. Here is the current guild rating for the servers in Russia:


When a season is completed, one guild per server (on the top position in the rating) becomes a champion, and receives a bonus for the next season. Other guilds will also receive their smaller rewards for the next season depending on their position in the rating. After the results are calculated for a season, the guilds progress is reset and a new season starts.

However, the guild progress won't be reset completely, Nobility will be partly converted to Stature, which never sets to zero, and made equal to Stature.

We believe, that the Seasons introduction will help guilds achieve the results much faster because the amount of Nobility required to reach the next level is not as high. So even small guilds will be able to get their rewards within the same season duration. And each new season will not be starting from a scratch - because Stature can never be equal to zero.


Let's now review the rubies for guilds in detail. They are divided into three grids, the mechanics is very similar to character's Rubies, with only two differences. First, neighbouring fields cannot be learned if they are empty. Second, Rubies differ not only in content, but also in quality: it means that there are Rubies that provide similar bonuses but with stronger or weaker effects:

newguildsystem_common3 no difference for this type of ruby
newguildsystem_green4 green border means the lowest quality for this type of ruby
newguildsystem_blue5 blue border, the medium level of quality for this type of ruby
newguildsystem_violet6 purple border - the highest quality for a ruby of this type

For example, green ruby increases Prestige and Nobility gain by 4%, blue - by 8%, purple - by 12%. Thus, a guild can select a specialization via a path of development.

As we have already mentioned, there will be three talent grids available for guild development. They are Expansion, Conquering and Exploration.

Rubies from the "Expansion" grid are in charge of discounts, extra rewards and faster experience gaining. The key feature of the grid passively increases health, mana and energy regeneration rate out of combat.

"Conquering" grid is aimed at PvP. It contains Rubies that increase Anger, provide bonuses to rating and extra rewards for Dominion battles. They also decrease the cost of Patronage abilities. The key feature is a passive ability, that restores health every second, while you are under control effects.

"Exploration" grid is designed for those who are into PvE. Rubies provide faster equipment gathering and bonuses to Luck and Faith. The key feature is a passive ability that gives a certain chance that character's death on astral isle will not be counted for the limit of deaths.

Among others, there are neutral Rubies. They increase the total number of Champion's tabards, increase rates of Prestige and Nobility gain.

That's not all! We also have some active abilities in store for you! For instance, there are marks that can target mobs or players, or a limited ability to summon the whole raid to the raid leader.


All in all, there will be 120 Rubies in three talent grids and only 70 available talent points at the guild's maximum level. So, the guild leader should think twice before selecting a way for the guild. Fortunately, Chronicles pages can be used to redistribute talent points. Chronicles pages can be earned by completing daily quests. The higher a guild's Nobility is, the more currency (Chronicles pages) is required for redistribution.

Here is the general outline of the new guild system. For us, it is a major priority feature. Your feedback on our Official Forum will be highly appreciated!