5.0.02 Preview: Recommendation System
5.0.02 Preview: Recommendation System

Forgotten Legends

Dear friends!

As you know Allods Online has a deep lore that encourages players to explore the darkest corners of Sarnaut. And as you may remember, in the beginning of your journey in Allods Universe, despite the numerous hints and tips available ingame, you like many other newcomers, were often unsure about what you should concentrate on during your first steps. Or maybe, you had to take a long break, and upon return you couldn't remember what the last step of the quest was and where you should continue your journey.


We decided to simplify this task, and introduce the recommendation system. It will contain information about what would be most efficient actions at the current stage of your character's development. These recommendations will be given to you starting from the very beginning and until you reach the top level.

The game has grown so much during the last 5 years. The things that veterans were able to study slowly and gradually, must now be explored by the newcomers at much faster pace. The system of recommendations is aimed at making this process easier and more structured.

Konstantin Bratischev, game designer

It's obvious, that in order to system really help the recommendations must be clear and descriptive. And they should come up as the player explores the world, without making you specifically look for them in amongst some well hidden menus. So we decided to make them visible in several places:

1) at the loading screens

Each new loading screen will show you a random recommendation.

2) on a special tab in your Quest Log

This new tab will contain current recommendations along with the completed ones, with the more detailed information about each of them, available witch a click. Automatic movement towards the corresponding location can be activated in the same window.

What do we expect from this innovation? We hope that it will help the newcomers spend less time trying to comprehend what to do, where to go, whom to talk to, and are able to spend more time enjoying the game.

3) Useful tips, also shown to newcomers, will explain game features, UI controls and so on:


Every character has a unique set of recommendations at any given moment of the game. However, they do not need to be completed at any costs, it's not a must! They just come and go as you explore the world. These recommendations won't give you rewards either, but they will direct you to the quests that will!

Currently, we regard the new system as a useful for those players who have just started or are still levelling up. In the future, the list of in-game goals will be expanded so the system will be beneficial to a wider range of players.

We want to make life easier for the new players, so that their leveling up will be simpler, faster and more fun!

You will be able to check out the new system in the update 5.0.02 Forgotten Legends!

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