6.0.0 Introduction to the Pridens.
6.0.0 Introduction to the Pridens.

Dear Sarnaut,

It's time to fully introduce the Pridens - a hearty and bestial race that live in harmony with the wild nature of the Howlem allod, who compliment the rage and power of the inner wild-beast with sagely wisdom equal to that of any creative human mind.


Priden infants are considered children of the whole tibe - and as soon as they can survive without constant care from their parents, they are almost immediately sent to be mentored.


There is no discrimination between gender - and the basic rules of survival are taught to everyone equally. The young are taught the language of the tribe, but also the language of Nature itself. Once capable of fluid communication, it is not uncommon for a young Priden to tame an animal as their pet, even before they learn how to use weapons or start wearing armor. In future, they may even become official animal tamers for the tribe itself.


Life is not that simple, however, as the tough conditions of Howlem ensure that only one out of five Priden reach adulthood, while the rest are often overwhelmed by Nature. Broken backs while climbing cliffs, dragged away into the thicket by evil spirits, or losing battles to furious wild beasts during hunting rituals, are just some of the possible grisly fates.


Should a Priden reach adulthood, they undergo a rite of initiation. First, they must travel into the very depths of the jungle, all on their own, to find a patron among the wild beasts - and to imbibe their knowledge and wisdom. If they succeed, they return to the village to be introduced to the Assembly of Roars.

Roars are the spirits of the ancient Pridens, fathers of the tribe, represented by totems in the village. The Pridens' community is divided into Scions, each headed by one Roar. The ancestors' spirits take care of their Scions by guiding and protecting them.


In most cases, Roars favor those who return from the jungle - and assign them to different Scions. A magnificent feast is then organized, and at the end of the feast, the decision of the spirits is announced. After that, each new member of the tribe is free to choose the path of their lives: whether to hunt, craft, or focus on warfare or magic. They can also choose to get married, once and forever.


At times, Roars may refuse to accept a young Priden into a Scion - and these rejected few become exiles. Exiles must leave their motherland and prove loyalty to the tribe elsewhere - which is a daunting task. Some of them feel the taste of freedom and choose leave for the good rather than prove themselves to those who rejected them. They temper themselves during their journeys, making sure that they are capable of standing up to their motto "Dare or Die".

They are called "Free Pridens", wandering Sarnaut alone.

It is they who discovered the other races and civilizations of the world - and we have them to thank for introducing the Pridens to the League and Empire.

-The Allods Team