6.0.0: The Pridens - Revisited
6.0.0: The Pridens - Revisited


Dear Sarnaut,

Update 6.0 "Broken Chains" is just around the corner - and nothing marks the start of a new adventure quite like the appearance of a new playable race who are looking to make a name for themselves. The Pridens are sharpening their weapons, buffing their armor and feeding their pet-companions, waiting to prowl onto the front-lines and prove their mettle to all.

In previous news, we showcased some of the many great features that 6.0 will be bringing to your Allods experience - and now it's time to put fur on the list, starting with a re-introduction to the nature loving tribe that will soon carve a path through Allods legend.

Let's kick off with this beautiful Trailer, where the Pridens speak for themselves.

"We do not know pity. We do not know defeat. We are the predators!"

Now, lets enjoy an insightful look into their roots, nature and culture in this Priden Preview!


"The Pridens are a race that seemingly prefer to run around naked on four legs like an uncivilized tribe of half-beasts - but it would be foolish to judge them by the looks of their ambassadors, as this false-assumption masks their vibrant and intelligent culture."

Last, but not least, the Priden Introduction offers insight into their wild upbringing!


"A bestial race that compliments the rage and power of the 'inner beast' with sagely wisdom equal to that of any creative human mind."

In addition, episode three of our DevBlog Diary can refresh your memory on the Priden development process, as well as some of the earlier revealed features!

We can't wait for the Pridens to share their culture with the other races of Sarnaut - and look forward to seeing players create brand new and unique legends in 6.0 "Broken Chains!"


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-The Allods Team