6.0.0: Professions
6.0.0: Professions


Dear Sarnaut,

It's time to take a look at how 6.0 “Broken Chains” effects the profession system.

During our Glyphs & Equipment article, we mentioned that you'll be able to create Glyphs of any quality via professions.

The process of studying recipes will change, as will the use of Inspiration - and here's why:

  • Inefficiency of crafting for high-level characters. Insignias didn’t prove to be sufficient.
  • In the beginning of the season, too few recipes were available, while too many of them became available upon discovering new layers.
  • Characters who collected all of the recipes could fail to create anything, and active crafters could lack the necessary recipes for a long time (this is, for example, what was happening with the Insignia recipes).


This system seems unfair to us - as the more active a crafter is, the faster they should obtain recipes of higher qualities. This is why we decided to introduce another indicator of crafter’s skilfulness – Illumination.

All recipes, from uncommon to fabled, will be unlocked in succession. In order to unlock the next recipe, you will have to accumulate a certain amount of Illumination points.

To accumulate Illumination, you will have to gain Inspiration for a certain recipe. Inspiration can be used not only to repaint fabric rolls and Workpieces to purple, but also to gain another point of Illumination.

Here is the amount of Workpieces required to gain Inspiration points:

  • 4 purple Workpieces for 50 points of Inspiration
  • 3 purple Workpieces for 15 points of Inspiration
  • 2 purple Workpieces for 5 points of Inspiration

  • 4 blue Workpieces for 20 points of Inspiration

  • 3 blue Workpieces for 10 points of Inspiration
  • 2 blue Workpieces for 5 points of Inspiration

Later, it will also be possible to gain Inspiration from 5 blue and 5 purple Workpieces, so that you don’t have to choose between collecting 5 Workpieces to obtain a Glyph, or collecting 4 Workpieces to gain Inspiration.

Alchemists of Sarnaut will be offering a special potion that increases the amount of Inspiration from the next created item by 10%.


Apart from this potion - other potions, used to increase your character’s stats, will appear in the Alchemists’ assortment. You'll also be able to collect 12 types of herbs in the Kingdom of Elements. Unlocking each new recipe will become increasingly more difficult, so even the most active Glyph producers will only master this craft by the end of the season.

Apart from Glyph recipes, you will be able to obtain new recipes of various equipment, including epic equipment of up to level 63. It will allow new players to keep up with those who were active during season 5.0, though they will have lower stats than those of fabled equipment of level 60. All the existing recipes will not be used to produce equipment of rare and epic quality anymore.


You will be able to trade all crafting components from the Negotiants, or loot them – unlimitedly – at the Wild Shores, or by killing Demons in the Astral. The Wild Shore red-zones and most dangerous Astral sectors allow you to obtain reagents of the highest qualities. In addition, different professions won’t require different components, so any character will be able to get them, even if they haven’t mastered any craft.

Glyphs won’t require the usual upgrading. In order to create a Glyph of a higher quality, you will need two Glyphs of the lower quality and a certain amount of reagents.

Even though you won’t be able to sell Glyphs back to the Negotiants, you can still reforge them using your crafting skills. In order to do so, it will be possible to multiply the components at your disposal via Replicators, purchased at the Boutique. Reforged Glyphs can be sold back to the Negotiants, and the higher the quality, the higher the profit.

Despite professions lacking access to all recipes, crafters will still be able to gain access to all Glyphs using Insignias. Insignias can be obtained at the Wild Shore, while permanent Insignias can be looted in the “Mound” raid adventure. Its difficulty will increase with each unlocked stage, as well as the amount of looted items. Permanent Insignias are not consumed after use and can be sold through the auction.

That's it for Professions - but stay tuned for more 6.0 “Broken Chains" updates soon!

If you wish to discuss these changes, join us in the 6.0 Professions Dedicated Thread!


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