6.0.0: Server Progress
6.0.0: Server Progress

Dear Sarnaut,

In update 6.0 “Broken Chains” - the season will be divided into several stages (four in total), which will be gradually unlocked depending on the progress of all players on the server.

When Server Progress reaches a certain milestone, all players will be able to continue to expand and explore the storyline upon completing the relevant quest - as well as face the next set of raid bosses, discover a new Astral layer, and other Wild Shore territories - all with loot of corresponding qualities. Unlike previous expansions, 6.0 Raid Adventure will not finalize the storyline - but develop it as players unlock stages.

For example, the Ice Wall on Ferris can only be destroyed when the overall server progress enables the players to unlock the next season stage. Those who start playing in the middle of the season, or decide to complete the storyline quests with a different Incarnation, will be able to do so with no additional restrictions.

  • How is the server progress formed?

Server progress is comprised of two parameters – “General”, which is the same for all servers, and “Personal Contributions”, which depend on the players’ activity within each particular server. These components are balanced so that personal contributions make a difference, but do not create significant gaps between servers.

Valuables, counted towards personal contributions to the server progress, can be looted in:

• Flights to Astral Allods
• Hunts at the Wild Shores
• Everyday Skirmishes
• Fights with Demons in the Astral
• Fights with Bosses in raid adventures

Performing each of these activities improves server progress, which is recalculated daily.

Server progress does not depend on the amount of players on that particular server, thus sparsely populated and/or less active servers will be able to keep up with the highly populated/active ones - and any lag between servers will not exceed one week.

  • Why are we introducing this system?

The first reason is to keep all characters acting together through pursuit of a common goal, offering a feeling of importance to their contribution.

The second reason is that we want to reduce the difference in characters’ development and their equipment levels within one server - though this doesn’t mean equalizing everyone, since the most active players will still be the first ones to collect the best equipment. The players will combine level 65 and 66 equipment differently within each stage, which will also create divergence. It also means that in the future, as stages are unlocked, players who start the adventure later will be able to reduce the lag easier.

That's it for Server Progress - but stay tuned for more 6.0 “Broken Chains” updates soon!

To discuss these changes, join us in the 6.0 Server Progress Dedicated Thread!


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-The Allods Team