6.0.00 Preview: The Priden Race
6.0.00 Preview: The Priden Race

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Dear Sarnaut,

Update 6.0 "Broken Chains" is on our doorstep, marking the arrival of the Pridens - a hearty race that seemingly prefers to run around naked on four legs like an uncivilized tribe of half-beasts - but it would be foolish to judge them by the looks of their ambassadors, as this false-assumption masks their vibrant and intelligent culture.


For a start, they prefer wooden houses - and one quick look at their settlements proves that their local woodworkers and carpenters are just as skilled in their craft as Kanians and Gibberlings.

priden house

They are also highly proficient at stone-carving.


It's clear to see that the Pridens have mastered the creation of solid fortifications as well as delicate sculptures.


While most of this knowledge was lost during the Cataclysm, their buildings still remain - allowing the Pridens to continue using them in their everyday life.


One particular building, which plays a special role in Priden life even today, is the impressive Hermitage - an immense and undeniably gorgeous temple that was carved into a mountain.


Most of the upper levels have been sealed since a time long forgotten, though the ground floor is openly used for performing special rituals - such as the rite of initiation. All Pridens who reach a certain age are expected to undergo this sacred rite in this very temple.


Should you choose to walk the Priden path in 6.0, you will have to take part in your very own initiation to prove yourself.


The Priden are strong, independent, and close to nature, but not evil or savage - and their story is a legend unto itself. If you wish to take part in that legend, or see the Priden for yourself, it won't be long before 6.0 "Broken Chains" gives you that opportunity!


In the meantime, join us on the official forums and let us know - will you will be joining the Priden ranks?

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-The Allods Team