6.0.1: The Bestiary
6.0.1: The Bestiary

Dear Sarnaut,

With the Ice Wall going down, Ferris will reveal even more of its mysteries to the heroes of Sarnaut… But what does this mysterious island have in store for them?

It’s time to discuss the scientific complex called the Bestiary, located in the mountainous region of Ferris. It was obviously founded by the Empire, yet neither Elizaveta Rysina nor Yasker himself have even heard of it!

”I have developed forty-two theories, from most innocent to most disastrous, and it's been just half an hour since we found it!” - Vincent Trickov

While those who have already been to Irdrich are used to huddles of dead machinery, Ferris has something in stock that will surprise even the most experienced of adventurers.

The research base bristles with dozens of antennas against the gray sky. Empty windows meet the travelers with aloof gazes. Somewhere, the light bulbs are still flickering, yet this place has clearly been long abandoned by its previous inhabitants.

The desolation of this place strikes the eye. Where there is civilization, there is at least minimal comfort, but even undemanding Tungars wouldn’t nestle in the rusty and shabby ruins of the local scientific quarter. Wild animals stroll both inside and outside of the secured perimeter, though many of them don’t look like normal animals!

With their appearance altered, the animals have become stronger, more enduring, and much more aggressive! A phenomenon of the similar nature almost wiped the land of Catherina not so long ago, though this new mutation is tangibly different from the Leper of Umoir.

It is blatantly obvious that something very strange has happened on Ferris.

It seems that all mutated animals were previously contained in well-equipped enclosures within the Bestiary, whilst those that dwelled outside of the scientific complex were practically unaffected by the mutation.

These strange organisms look not so ‘distorted’ as they do ‘modified’. What kind of a power could interfere with the Creator’s work so intricately?

Can it modify humans just as easily as it altered spiders or echidnas? And if that were possible, how does it affect the Spark of a sentient being?

Searching for information is one of the most important missions of the expedition at this stage. The mountains of Ferris pose further essential questions for the researchers – such as when, why, and by whom was the scientific complex built? The mechanisms clearly indicate that they are of Imperial origin - but several facts just don’t fit into this theory…

First, the Council would have never allowed League agents into a military base of such importance, especially when Ferris contains the only Manarail in Sarnaut, a huge scientific complex, an independent power station, and a military workshop!

Secondly, it is obvious that a complex of such scale must have taken years to construct, yet machinery of this kind has ever been seen anywhere on the Xadaganian-controlled lands.

The question is: if the Empire had possessed such a tremendous technological and industrial power all along, why has it never used it to gain military advantage? These combat Mechanoids have never taken part in even the most sanguinary of battles with the League.

It is clear that the contemporary Empire simply does not employ this kind of technology.

Thirdly, these Ferris Mechanoids don’t look completely unfamiliar. Of course, the frame design seems different, but we have already seen machines like these in the times of war with Tep. Could it be just a coincidence?

If it was not, how do we explain it? Was it a matter of stolen schemes, or could it be that the two declared enemies secretly cooperated? If the second conjecture is true, then the League and the Empire can be on the brink of another bloody war... This is why we need to head straight to the heart of Ferris, where most of our vital questions will be answered!


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