6.0.1: Brothers In Arms
6.0.1: Brothers In Arms

Dear Sarnaut,

Gather your friends, swords, scrolls and potions - for update 6.0.1: Brothers In Arms is here, bringing brand new challenges to overcome and devilish mysteries to unfold! Can you put aside your differences and work with old enemies in order to become victorious in the Battle for Cargallas? Do you have what it takes to best the randomized chaos of the Time Void? Will you solve the mysteries shrouding the ominous Bestiary of Ferris?

It's time to find out!

NOTE: In a bid to maintain the announced release date, some minor (temporary) compromises have been made.

  • Certain 6.0.1 raid content contains Russian voice-overs that are expected to be replaced earlier next week.
  • "Mausoleum of Sparks" season is now concluded - and MoS itself shall remain closed for a few weeks.

"While those who have already been to Irdrich are used to huddles of dead machinery, Ferris has something in stock that will surprise even the most experienced of adventurers..."

"This zone provides valiant adventurers with a randomly generated set of trials that they will be able to join solo, or as part of an automatic group search. They are randomly created by a specifically designed algorithm which combines a set of various scenarios, where even just several dozen parameters can produce a practically unlimited number of options!"

"This battleground was designed to bring diversity to the currently available list of PvP activities – and will be available at any time of day, even if only a small number of participants has signed up. We’ve decided to give up the “One team – One faction” concept - and also reduced the number of participants required for battle to commence. Unlike other daily skirmishes, the Battle for Cargallas restarts anew once it finishes, redistributing the participants between the teams according to their equipment level."

We hope you enjoy the diversity of Brothers In Arms and wish you the best of luck in your new adventures - but before you go, Like this news and reap the rewards!


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-The Allods Team