6.0.1: Time Void & Automatic Group Search
6.0.1: Time Void & Automatic Group Search

Dear Sarnaut,

No matter how diverse the Astral allods, dungeons or other adventures may be, PvE content will always become stale over time. To address this issue, the Allods Team developers have leaned towards procedurally generated adventures. They are randomly created by a specifically designed algorithm which combines a set of various scenarios, where even just several dozen parameters can produce a practically unlimited number of options!

With that in mind, our next update will open up a new zone – “Time Void”. This zone provides valiant adventurers with a randomly generated set of trials that they will be able to join solo, or as part of an automatic group search.

Time Void is a mysterious, surreal and changeable land, much like a desert mirage. It is believed that all stories ever told on Sarnaut can affect this place – from childhood fairy-tales to heroic soldiers’ yarns – as it is capable of reliving battles of old, or even forming fairy tale like scenarios. Those who enter the Time Void can meet anyone there – and with every visit, they will face a vastly different adventure. In the end, those who surpass all the trials will be generously rewarded…

Time Void can be entered both in single or group mode. In both cases, you will be provided with a squad of mercenaries free of charge.

You can enter the Time Void queue by opening the Skirmishes window (CTRL+M), selecting your desired role then click “Join” - the system will do the rest! Don’t forget that you can automatically assemble a group of players for most other PvE activities as well. The search engine even monitors the important positive effects within the group and notifies its members of any missing effects.

The first character to join a queue is assigned as the group leader. The rest of the participants of the matching roles will be added to the group automatically after they press the “Join” button.

The leader can dismiss a character if they do not meet certain criteria, or are inactive (in which case, “Zzz…” appears on the character’s picture). In the first case, the character will be redirected to the next assembling group, or will be assigned as the leader of a new one. In the second case, they will be suspended from the queue. If a group leader shows no signs of activity for one minute, he or she is also suspended from the queue.

As soon as the group is full (or at least has several characters in it), the group leader can start the adventure. The members of the group will have to confirm their readiness before being teleported to the selected destination.

Time Void offers three random trials, with each trial rewarding its participants separately. To start a trial, click the “Start” button below the mini-map.

Trials may turn out to be practically anything – from battles with mighty opponents, checkpoint defense, escorting missions, and many others. The next trial can only be started once the current one is passed, failed, or aborted.

As well as the scenario, your enemies’ stats will also be randomly generated. Each time, monsters will look different and have completely different sets of abilities and talents.

It is almost impossible to face the exact same mission or bosses twice!

As a reward, you gain items that reduce the difference in equipment level – such as Sparkling Drizzle, Grains of Etherium, or Glyph Fragments. Their quality will be one level lower than that of the highest currently unlocked Astral layer. The quality of the upgraders will depend on the adventure mode (single or group).

You will be able to visit Time Void an unlimited number of times a day.

It won’t be long before you can see the miracles of Time Void for yourself and check out the new group search system!


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-The Allods Team