6.0.2: Developers Diary - Episode 5 & Lucky Hours!
6.0.2: Developers Diary - Episode 5 & Lucky Hours!

Dear Sarnaut,

With update 6.0.2 "Thunder Of Victory" hitting our screens on September 1st, we picked at the brains of the AO Development team for insight into what we can expect to see.

Thanks to them, we're pleased to bring yet another exclusive episode of Developer Diary, so sit back and enjoy a visual retelling of the upcoming rated battle arenas, conclusion to the epic raid adventure "Ferris" - and more!


It's time to enjoy more Lucky Hours for both servers!

Thanks to you, we'll be running Lucky Moments from 00:00 CEST on Saturday the 29th of August, until 00:00 CEST on Monday the 31st of August.

During this period, the cost of upgrading epic equipment will be reduced - and the chance for gaining loot from defeated enemies will be increased!

Have a lucky weekend!

-The Allods Team