7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit": Gearing Up
7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit": Gearing Up


Dear Sarnaut,

Given 7.0.1 “Unconquered Summit” will be making some light changes to gear-score calculation and group search, it's time to explain how you can turn your current equipment into items more suited to the next mini-season!

Changes in the Gear Score Calculation

The previous gear score formula was somewhat unclear as it was not entirely calculated via the sum of scores of separate items. Due to this, we are aiming to make the gear-score system more transparent, starting with each item having its own score more clearly indicated. The list of stats will also be regrouped in order to show important secondary stats on top.

Crafted items will have higher priority in overall score calculations, whereas looted items will add only 10% to progress (including reworked fabled items). Score requirements for accessing various Astral sectors and raid adventures will also be recalculated.

Group Search Changes

We are aiming to make things easier for players to find allies through the Group Search window by directing them to a sector where their own strength – as well as the power of their enemies, and the rewards – will be modified accordingly.

Maximum queue time will also be reduced to 5 minutes. High-difficulty allods will now only be accessible for assembled groups, with automatic queuing disabled due to its sparse use.

Start of the New Mini-Season

When the new mini-season begins, it will automatically unlock 1-6 Astral sectors. Opening Boxes with Loot after killing bosses in sectors 7 and 8 will not consume Astral keys, and the gear score threshold for joining Fractal raid adventures will be removed.

This mini-season’s equipment level will be 73 (currently 71). New Players will be able to collect equipment of level 73 from the very beginning, starting with uncommon and rare items.

Well-equipped characters will instantly receive access to the second layer of the new Astral, with the ability to loot rare and epic equipment and crafting materials of level 73, which will replace legendary equipment of level 71.

After reaching a certain equipment level and receiving access to the 4th layer, you will become able to transform 6 legendary items of level 73 (rings, bracers, greaves, belt, shoes) to fabled equipment of level 73, and also fabled items of level 71 to fabled equipment of level 73.

We hope you enjoy these great changes in the upcoming 7.0.1 “Unconquered Summit” update!

-The Allods Team