7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit": New Allods
7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit": New Allods


Dear Sarnaut,

Update 7.0.1 “Unconquered Summit” will bring six new allods to the Astral, such as Jungles of Mboa-Mboa, Glacial Chamber, Dersaadet Isle, and Reflection of Castle Blight. Based on reports from experienced Astral travellers, here's what we know about the remaining two:


“I'm unsure if this strange place truly exists, or if it is some form of mirage. It is covered with thick woods and deep swamps, inhabited by all sorts of creatures both sentient and otherwise. I've seen kikimoras, satyrs, even a talking fox! To make matters worse, the place is swarming with spirits. They seem mostly Kanian and look very much alive, yet they clearly aren't.

They seem to serve the mistress of that land – spirit Ziva – half-bird, half-human."

"Both the land and its mistress were once very sweet, though reports from other travellers indicate that something terrible had happened there – a romantic heartbreak, or a curse...

If you choose to approach Iriy, do so only with a weapon and holy water close at hand...”

Forgotten Temple

"Forgotten Temple? What, may I ask, are you looking for in that cursed place? Anyone who ventured there and lived to tell the tale wishes only to wipe all memory of that place.

It used to be plain June ruins in the middle of an island – uninteresting, even to Demons – until Wormfaces claimed the temple and kindled a fire within that had been dormant for centuries. The island burned like a torch until it was struck by an ice shard from another allod. Now half the island is burning in eternal fire, the other shrouded in deathly cold – inhabited by aggressive elementals, golem sentries and Wormfaces, all of which detest strangers."

"Despite the danger, there are those among the Historians who have no problem risking their lives for the sake of science. I heard an expedition, led by Martine de Blizare, recently set out to the Forgotten Temple... No one has heard anything from them ever since!”

We wish players the best of luck if they choose to chart these dangerous territories in the upcoming 7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit" update. Based on these reports, you're going to need it!

-The Allods Team