7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit": Release Date!
7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit": Release Date!


Dear Sarnaut,

We're pleased to announce that 7.0.1 “Unconquered Summit”, the next Allods update & mini-season, is hitting your screens on Thursday, August 4th – bringing a flexible new raid, various tweaks and improvements, multiple Allods to explore, astral activities to enjoy, and the continuation of the current story.

How will the League & Empire's allegiance fare against the new challenges that await?

Missed out on all the changes heading your way? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

We wish all Sarnautian adventurers the best of luck in this brand new chapter.

If you took part in the "Guess the Release Date" mini-contest, you can check out the results right here – congratulations to the winners!

-The Allods Team