8.0 "Immortality" – Release Date & Collector's Edition
8.0 "Immortality" – Release Date & Collector's Edition

Dear Sarnaut,

8.0: "Immortality" will arrive on the 22nd of December, though it's not the only great thing heading your way! We're proud to announce Allods Online's second Collector's Edition, tailor made for the upcoming update and the arrival of the Aoidos – Allods' eighth playable race!

Starter Kits and full-on Collector's Editions will be made available once "Immortality" goes live, both containing fantastic items, tools and goodies that ensure you have a smooth and wonderful time adapting to the latest content and changes. In addition, these great deals will be purchasable via crystals at a later date, and come with minor tweaks to ensure that even Smuggler's Paradise, Allods' P2P server, does not lose out on this great deal.

Packed to the gills with goodness; from cute manticore pets and battle-ready hover-boards, to valuable items, tools and equipment that will give your old AND new characters all they'll ever need for the near future – you'd be crazy to miss out on this bargain!

Sound good to you? Then read on for all the important details, links, and a full FAQ.


  • Click Here for a full list of Collectors Edition & Starter Kit contents, or for information on how they differ on New Frontier (F2P) & Smuggler's Paradise (P2P) servers.



  • Which character(s) on the account receives the items?
    Packs will be sent to all characters existing on the account at the time of purchase, as well as characters that are created after the purchase was made. For example: If you purchase a Collector's Edition in January and make a new character in March, that character will also receive the Collector's Edition.


  • How do I obtain a Sailplane?
    You will receive a regular Sailplane as soon as you activate your Collector’s Edition.

  • Is Xadagaian Sailplane somehow different from Kanian Sailplane?
    Only in appearance. Both Xadaganian and Kanian body cases will be available for regular and Battle Sailplanes.

  • How do I obtain a Battle Sailplane?
    The main Collector's Edition includes a coupon ("Discount coupon for Battle Glider") that will allow you to buy the Battle Sailplane at the Boutique. Only owners of said coupon will be able to obtain a Battle Sailplane - purchasable for 3,000 Premium or regular Crystals.

  • What are the main characteristics of Sailplanes?

  • Regular Sailplane: Speed = 16.9 yps; Hitpoints (at level 75) = 1,894,543–1,999,795; Mounting time = 0.9 seconds.
  • Battle Sailplanes: Speed = 17.9 yps; Hitpoints (at level 75) = 4,631,104–4,946,861; Mounting time - 0.6 seconds.

  • Does a Sailplane travel on water?
    Yes, it floats over water!

  • Does its rider receive damage from falling?
    No, they do not.

  • Are the abilities of a regular Sailplane available for a Battle one?
    No. These two combat vehicles have different characteristics and abilities. They are placed in two different slots in your Stable; however, they share their colour patterns.

  • "They share their colour patterns” - what does this mean?
    Almost all mounts in Allods Online have several appearance options. Sailplanes have two: Xadaganian and Kanian. Combat Sailplanes can use the colour patterns of regular ones, and visa versa. If you have a Kanian Battle Sailplane and a regular Xadaganian Sailplane, you can apply both colour patterns to both vehicles.

Other Valuables in the Set

  • Do items in the Collector’s Editions have a limited lifetime?
    Yes, certain items will disappear after a while, so you need to use them before they expire.

You will receive your Collector's Edition as a box attached to a letter in your mailbox (visit a postman). The letter is stored on the server for 30 days; then it will disappear. The box can be stored for an unlimited time if you move it from the mailbox to your inventory. The box will disappear upon use, and your character will receive all the included items. As already noted, some items have a limited lifetime. The countdown will start as soon as you use the box.

Here are the exact lifetimes of the valuables in the set:

  • Sealed Omnificent Core Morpher - unlimited;
  • Universal Tools (P2P) - unlimited;
  • Unstable Diamond Tear of the Dragon (F2P) - 90 days;
  • Crystal Tear of the Dragon (P2P) - 90 days;
  • Discount Coupon for Battle Glider - 90 days;
  • Almost Stable Speck of True Light - 90 days;
  • Purification Manuscript - 30 days;
  • Dominion Tools (F2P) - 14 days.

When unpacked, the Core will be available for 7 days.

  • If the box has an unlimited lifetime, it means I can activate it at the end of the season?
    That’s right.

  • How do the pets and the costume from the set look?
    You can check out the costume and the pets by clicking here.

  • Can both pets follow me at the same time?
    No, only one pet can follow you at a time. If you have both, you can switch between them at your leisure.

  • I have received a code via my email. What is it?
    It is a code that you can use to receive special items in Cloud Pirates. Cloud Pirates is an arcade MMO-shooter from Allods Team which is fully devoted to battles between flying ships, based on Allods Online's own astral content. Your captain’s avatar will get a shiny golden frame, and your ship will also gain a unique sail colour pattern! You can activate the code on your personal page at pirates.my.com. These souvenirs will be usable during the CBT and future OBT phases of Cloud Pirates.

  • Why are there items from another game in the sets? I don’t want to pay for them!
    These items are merely a free souvenir from the Allods Team, who are developing Cloud Pirates. The cost of the set would be the same even if they were not included.

Subscription Edition

  • Where can I see the differences between Collector's Edition content for the F2P and P2P servers?
    Simply check this page.

  • Will the abilities of regular Sailplanes work on the Smuggler's Paradise (P2P) server?
    Yes, they will work at all times since mounts on the subscription server do not need charging.

  • Will it be possible to receive a Battle Sailplane on Smuggler's Paradise (P2P) server?
    No, Battle Sailplanes will be unavailable on the subscription server.

  • If I buy two editions, will the subscription access time add up?
    Yes, as with all other valuables, the subscription time adds up if you buy two editions.

  • How are Universal Tools (P2P) different from Dominion Tools (F2P)?
    Universal Tools produce less resources, but they can be stored for an unlimited time. Dominion Tools expire in 14 days.

Purchase and Acquisition

  • How do I buy a Collector's Edition?
    You can only buy a Collector's Edition through the form on the Collector's Editions page. Note that you cannot buy a Collector’s Edition by topping up your account.

  • What if there are several accounts on my personal page? Will I receive the Edition on every account?
    You will have to select one of the accounts.

  • Can I buy the Collector's Edition via the Boutique?
    No, you can’t.

  • How is the purchase confirmed?
    You will receive a confirmation email.

  • Can I buy both sets (Collector's Edition & Starter Kit)?
    Yes; all valuables in them will add up.

  • Can I buy several sets of the same type?
    No, you can’t. You can only purchase one copy of the Collector's Edition and one copy of the Starter Kit for each account.

  • Can I resell them?
    No, you can’t.

  • How long will these packs be purchasable for?
    The sale's end date will be announced 7 days beforehand via allods.my.com.

Got a question that isn't covered by the FAQ? Then don't hesitate to visit us on the official forums and ask away!

-The Allods Team