Back In Tka-Rik's
Back In Tka-Rik's

Today we are eager to tell you about the renovation of Tka-Rik's Cave and the experiences within.

Players were complaining that the encounters in Tka-Rik's Cave were too complicated. Many of the encounters failed to work as expected and were annoying, rather than challenging and enjoyable.

Demonic Sparks had a rather low drop rate and were worthless as they could not be exchanged for really useful items. Players, who desired to acquire Greatness and construct a private allod or to level up an incarnation, had to spend painful hours in overcoming some of Tka-Rik's encounters. So, we wanted to make this location more attractive for players and make gameplay more diverse and dynamic. We have significantly changed most of the old quests, removing some of them completely. Players can now read detailed descriptions on all the encounters via the dialog with Klavdia Kalugina. It will be also possible to summon Nihaz's Servant at any time to purchase potions, Symbols of Gold and other items.


Not only will the old experiences undergo changes. Players will be able to accept four new quests from Klavdia Kalugina:

  • The Trial of Bloodlust. You will be affected by an effect that slowly drains your health. Your health can be refilled by killing monsters on the arena. The goal is to hold on till the end of the encounter.
  • The Trial of Shepherd. Three mobs will pursue your character. The goal is to lure them into one of the different colored puddles that will periodically appear on the arena. Each puddle deals damage only to a certain mob. Killing one of the mobs will heal your character while enraging other pursuers.
  • The Trail of Sapper. The goal is to find an explosive device, using a special powder that reveals invisible objects. When the powder is scattered a message will tell whether the device is near or far. You should collect spheres that increase your movement speed, as you will only have a short time frame to defuse the bomb.
  • The Trial of Pursuer. Demons will spawn in the character's visual area for a short time. You should use the context action on time to kill demons. The goal is to kill a certain number of demons before the the timer runs out. The more demons killed, the greater your chances of obtain the Demonic Spark.


We have also revised the sanctions in case of a failure and made them more lenient. Now you can leave the cave at any time (no matter, on purpose or by accident) and return later to continue the encounter.

The reward system has been redesigned too. You will be guaranteed an award of Demonic Sparks for completing certain encounters. Chances to obtain Sparks for the rest of trials will be significantly increased.


Along with other changes we should mention that the cave has changed its appearance. Our artists have done great work adding some new design elements to make Tka-Rik's scenery even more striking and memorable.


We believe that Tka-Rik's Cave will become more friendly for players due to all the changes we have made. You can test it soon with the upcoming 5.0.01 update!

Join us on our Official Forums and tell us: What change to the Tka-Rik's Cave are you most looking forward to?