Battle for Misty Glade
Battle for Misty Glade

Misty Glade has already undergone a lot of improvements, but today we are going to make really considerable changes!
In the upcoming 5.0.01 update, the map for the Dominion raid battlefield will be completely redesigned and the gameplay will be enhanced with brand new features.

As you know, the battle for Misty Glade has always been one of the most interesting activities of Dominion, since the rewards distribution between participating guilds was directly determined by its results. Thus the clash was bloody and desperate, but unfortunately lacked the epic scale. The battles were rapid and the main action took place in the central part of the map. So we decided to make some changes to attract the player's interest.

Battle for Misty Glade

The battlefield will not be symmetrical any more. The rules will be also changed, now defenders must stand up for their island. The attacking team will try to capture 4 sanctuaries placed all around the map, in a step by step action. The attackers will have a 15-minute count down, but they can receive an additional 15 minutes for each captured sanctuary. When all 4 sanctuaries are captured, the attackers win. Otherwise the defenders will be victorious after the battle timer runs out.

The additional condition for achieving victory, is to collect 14400 points. The defenders start the battle with a 10800-point handicap and it will increase with every second. The attacking team will earn points by capturing sanctuaries. The more characters performing a capture, the faster points are credited. The attacking team will receive 3600 points total for every captured sanctuary. If one of the secured sanctuaries is lost, 3600 points are subtracted from the defending team's score.

Battle for Misty Glade

All sanctuaries initially belong to the defenders. Only the nearest to the spawn location can be captured. The next sanctuary will become available after the previous one is completely under the attackers control. Characters will be instantly killed if they try to enter the unavailable sanctuary (or at already lost sanctuary, in the defenders' case). So the center of action will gradually move towards the defenders base.

Battle for Misty Glade Map

Dead characters will be resurrected at the nearest available sanctuary for their team.

Cannons are the prime advantage for the defending team. This is the force to turn the whole battle. They shoot long-range projectiles, allowing you to attack the enemy from a safe distance. Projectiles dismount characters in the effective range and deal severe damage, ignoring all protective abilities.

Battle for Misty Glade Cannon

The offensive team should plan their attack wisely, as they need to move the frontlines forward by capturing sanctuaries and by eliminating the gunners at the same time. So their strength is in numbers. However, defenders are not in any better situation. The cannons are situated at a height that makes gunners vulnerable. And though the gunners cannot be affected by control effects, they cannot be healed either.

Battle for Misty Glade Cannon

In conclusion we must say that all these innovations are aimed to make the battles more dynamic and tactically complex.
You will be able to take your place in the battle for Misty Glade with the upcoming 5.0.01 update!

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