«Blood Tournament»: the beginning of the qualifying fights
«Blood Tournament»: the beginning of the qualifying fights

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are proud to announce the start of the “Blood Tournament”, a team PvP tournament, the participants of which fight on equal characters!

Qualifying fights will begin today at 20:00 and end at 23:00 CET. They will be held on November 13 and 15. During these days you will be able to test your strength by visiting the tournament with a team of 3 players if you have the tickets.

We recommend starting today, because the rating of all battles will be calculated after November 15th. The earlier you start the more chances to be among the 16 lucky ones who will continue to fight for the main prize after the end of the qualifying round you'll have.

The prize fund of the tournament this year has exceeded the amount of 1,100,000 crystals and continues to grow!

More about the tournament and prizes

Extended list of rules and Tournament's schedule

Invite your friends, and play together!