Circle Of Equals 2016 - The Conclusion!
Circle Of Equals 2016 - The Conclusion!


Dear Sarnaut,

Battered, bruised and bloody fighters from the League & Empire battled tooth and nail for honour, glory and prizes in our first ever International Circle of Equals 3v3 tournament, which has finally come to a close.

A round of applause to the winning team of Грал, Аво and СтэфЪ!

Congratulations, champions!

The road to the finals weren't easy, as many valiant teams stood in the way, such as Hasto, Kingduffy, VoHiYo and HarryPotter, Hermione, RonWeasley, fighting to the bitter end and securing a 7th-8th tie break that was only beaten by the most visceral finalists & semi-finalists.

While the goblins clean up the arenas and remove all excess blood from the walls, we'd like to thank each and every team for participating in the event, as well as for your patience – it wasn't all fun, games and gore.

As our first ever international tournament – a collaboration between the EU & RU – reschedules were required and both sides were met with technical difficulties. As thanks for bearing with us during those times, all finalists and semi-finalists will receive 2,000 Premium Crystals to treat themselves to post-tournament goodies of their own choosing.

We hope you enjoyed the tournament and once again congratulate everyone for climbing the PvP ladder. Missed out on the fun? Don't worry, you can be sure plenty of combatants compiled their trials and tribulations into enjoyable movies for you to check out!

-The Allods Team