Circle Of Equals 2016 - Semi Final Teams & Reschedule
Circle Of Equals 2016 - Semi Final Teams & Reschedule


Dear Sarnaut,

The qualification stages for the Circle of Equals international 3v3 tournament have come to a close!

However, due to a large volume of requests from both communities, we're rescheduling the semi-finals to provide all tournament-server participants additional time to utilize and enjoy the training feature and better prepare themselves for the gruelling fights ahead.

Semi-finals will now take place on September 17th, followed by the finals on September 24th.

Here are the semi-final teams:

EU Team Points RU Team Points
greyy, HotDog, Koss 747 ВиталяСемьЛет, Набл, Врываюсь 586
HarryPotter, Hermione, RonWeasley 715 АспектТунца, БизТунца, БогТунца 632
Hasto, Kingduffy, VoHiYo 630 БульдогПриуныл, ОлимпПриуныл, Пионутый 680
Coba, mountaindew, satin 548 Аво, Грал, СтэфЪ 700
Bard, leroy, Zakou 500 БурундукАндрей, БурундукВова, БурундукИгорь 722
Bluescarlet, Maryella, Oriax 495 Идальго, Индиго, Инкогнито 736
Ayylmao, Jigsaw, Megaman 476 Ашыбка, Дурман, Стеф 784
FaceRoll, RyuujinJakka, Testing 432 ВАРка, КотоВАРка, отоВАРка 831

Full scheme for September 17th (which will be a Double Elimination) will be provided later on. We also ask that team members get in touch with their respective Community Manager to provide names for their teams.

In the meantime, tournament practice mode will be open for use, giving plenty of time to ready yourself for the upcoming battles for honor, glory, and these amazing prizes:

  • 1st place - 40,000 3v3 + unique title and permanent champion's rune.
  • 2nd place - 30,000 3v3 + unique title.
  • 3rd place - 20,000 3v3 + unique title.

  • Winning teams from the P2P server will be appropriately rewarded with subscription time.