Circle Of Equals - Aftermath!
Circle Of Equals - Aftermath!


Dear Sarnaut,

As our brave combatants recuperate from the Circle Of Equals 3v3 battles, we would once again like to congratulate all top teams for proving their mettle in the grand arena, and thank each and every player who took part in the tournament. From day one, players enthusiastically engaged with us and provided plenty of welcome thoughts and feedback.

We hope you enjoyed the experience and give a respectful salute to our first place winners – Trance, Sophie and Viviane – and also bring some pleasant news! After successfully securing 2nd place, the team of Balalaika, Vatrushka and Vatnik – a guest team from the RU server – have decided to donate their prize tally to the teams in 1st, 3rd and 4th place, dividing their 10,000 crystals evenly amongst them.

This generous offering raises the prizes to:
► 1st place: 18,000+ 3v3
► 3rd place: 8,000+ 3v3
► 4th place: 4,000+ 3v3

Team captain Balalika had this to say about the tournament:
"We want to say thanks to My.com players for the interesting and dynamic event! You have "slightly overthrown" our vision of class setups for 3 vs 3 and I'm looking forward to facing you in the 6 vs 6 tournament!"


On that note, it's time to look towards the future. Many have wondered what was in store for the tournament server, or whether there would be more tournaments given we are standing on the doorstep of the upcoming 7.0: New Order update. The answer is simply - Yes!

We will definitely be holding more tournaments, thus the server itself will be preserved for when a new tournament begins. When this happens, players will be invited to battle for pride, honour and prizes once again – and we can't wait!

Until next time, thank you all for taking part in the Circle Of Equals 3v3.

-The Allods Team