Circle Of Equals - New Schedule
Circle Of Equals - New Schedule


Dear Sarnaut,

The training round of our International Circle of Equals tournament is nearly upon us, meaning that teams from both Europe and Russia will soon able to head into the tournament server, adapt to the format, hone their skills, and prepare for the inevitable battle for crystals, bragging rights, and a unique title!

Beforehand, we'd like to inform you that the mid-section of the tournament has been slightly rescheduled. Given this years tournament is international from the start, we want to ensure that suitable times and dates are met for as many potential participants as possible.

Rather than holding qualifying rounds for EU & RU separately, we will now be holding them both together instead, keeping the tournament compact and easier to spectate & stream.

  • 28/08 - Training fights (these will not affect rating).
  • 30/08, 01/09, 06/09 - Qualifying round in Russia (8 winning teams).
  • 30/08, 01/09, 06/09 - Qualifying round in Europe (8 winning teams).
  • 10/09, 17/09 - Semifinal & Final, double elimination system (second chance for losers).

  • Qualifying stages: 20:00 to 22:00 CEST. Hours for the semifinals and finals will be announced at a later time.


Here's a reminder of what is on the line in Circle of Equals 2016:

  • 1st place - 40,000 3v3 + unique title and permanent champion's rune.
  • 2nd place - 30,000 3v3 + unique title.
  • 3rd place - 20,000 3v3 + unique title.

  • Winning teams from the P2P server will be appropriately rewarded with subscription time.

We look forward to observing the epic battles and wish all participants the best of luck!

-The Allods Team