Circle Of Equals - PvP Tournament
Circle Of Equals - PvP Tournament


Dear Sarnaut,

Sharpen your blades and wipe the dust from your spell-scrolls, summer is edging closer and it will be bringing the fight to your very doorstep!

The Allods team is proud to bring you the PvP-Team Tournament, a competition suited to its name, "Circle of Equals", where you'll have the opportunity to compete with fellow PvP enthusiasts in a bid to win crystals and bragging rights in a scenario where all participants are on even footing.


We want to bring PvP to a new level, as well as entertain the dedicated players out there who enjoy their holidays with a mouse & keyboard close at hand and a love for PvP in their heart.

To achieve this, we'll be creating a special tournament server dedicated solely to the "Circle of Equals" event, allowing players to create a maximum level character right off the bat. Furthermore, full sets of equipment, gems and various consumables will be openly available from NPC vendors, thus ensuring all created characters are completely equal.

  • 1st place - 15,000 3v3
  • 2nd place - 10,000 3v3
  • 3rd place - 5,000 3v3
  • 4th place - 1,000 3v3

12th (Saturday) - First Qualifying Round.
15th (Tuesday) - Second Qualifying Round: 20:00 - 23:00
17th (Thursday) - Semifinals: [ 1st > 20:00, 20:15, 20:30 ] -- [ 2nd > 21:00, 21:15, 21:30 ].
19th (Saturday) - Final & Third Place: [ 3rd > 20:00, 20:15, 20:30 ] -- [ Final > 21:00, 21:15, 21:30 ].

All the participants included in the top 30 ranking will receive a "Manifested Rage" colour scheme for the Lightning mount. Also, anyone who plays at least 10 tournament battles will receive 50 bonus crystals and an Unstable Manabike!

Spread the word amongst your friends and allies - it's time to put together your dream team!

-The Allods Team