Circle Of Equals: PvP Tournament – 2016
Circle Of Equals: PvP Tournament – 2016


Dear Sarnaut,

Sharpen your blades and wipe the dust from your spell-scrolls – we're bringing the fight to your very doorstep once again, bigger and better than before!

We're happy to announce our second "Circle of Equals" – a competition suited to its name – where you'll have the chance to compete with fellow PvP enthusiasts on even-footing, in a bid to win crystals, bragging rights, and a unique title.

To achieve this, we'll be creating a special tournament server dedicated solely to the "Circle of Equals" event, allowing players to create a maximum level character right off the bat. Furthermore, full sets of equipment, gems and various consumables will be openly available from NPC vendors, thus ensuring all created characters are completely equal.

Unlike the previous tournament, this one will now be international, meaning that representatives from both Russian and European servers will cross blades. Anyone who wishes to take part can do so – there are no exceptions.


Circle of Equals: Rewards

Victory in this tournament is not just a question of prestige, but also the chance to win valuable prizes and gifts!

For a start, all finalists from the European and Russian regions (24 players each) will receive 100 premium crystals. In addition, all players who are rated in the top 120 will be awarded with a temporary Holy Weapon, and anyone who plays at least 10 battles in the tournament will receive 100 premium crystals.

  • 1st place team — each member receives 40,000 premium crystals, a unique title and permanent champion's rune.
  • 2nd place team — each member receives 30,000 premium crystals and a unique title.
  • 3rd place team — each member receives 20,000 premium crystals and a unique title.

Champion halo

If any of the winning teams come from Smuggler's Paradise, they will be rewarded in Subscription time appropriately.


  • [28/08] - Training fights (those will not affect the rating).
  • [30/08, 01/09, 06/09] - Qualifying round in Russia (8 winning teams).
  • [30/08, 01/09, 06/09] - Qualifying round in Europe (8 winning teams).
  • [10/09, 17/09] - Semifinal & Final of the double elimination system (including a second chance for losers).

Spread the word amongst your friends and allies - it's time to put together your dream team! If you wish to live-stream the tournament, feel free to get in touch with your respective Community Manager and we'll provide you with the necessary arrangements.


That's not all! If we manage to get a total of 150 "likes" across all languages on this news through Facebook, the "Victory Trumpets" will sound across Sarnaut, increasing Signs of Victory gain from PvP by 100%.

Circle of Equals: Rules

  • 1. General

1.1. Game version - or other version active at the time of the tournament.

1.2. Competition format: rating combats 3vs3. Players form groups of 3х people.

1.3. Special registration is not required for the tournament. You just have to login to the tournament server on the day the tournament is taking place.

1.4. Players from the Smugglers Paradise server can take part in the Circle of Equals tournament on the same terms.

1.5. Tournament combat is carried out in several stages:
• Qualifying stages: 30.08, 01.09, 06.09, from 20:00 to 22:00 CEST
• Final stage: 10.09, 17.09 — semi-final and final with a double elimination system  (losers get a second chance).

1.6. The Allods Team reserve the right to change the date and time of battles. Tournament participants will be notified of any changes in advance via news on the official Allods Online website!

  • 2. Implementation

2.1. Tournament combat is based on a 3x3 rating combat principle. The results are listed in a ratings table.

2.2. The tournament consists of several stages, held over several days. Contender evaluation is based on the overall results of the qualifying stage over 3 days.
• Qualifying stage - 30.08.16 - unlimited number of participants fight, nobody is dropped out.
• Qualifying stage - 01.09.16 - unlimited number of participants fight, nobody is dropped out.
• Qualifying stage - 06.09.16 - unlimited number of participants fight, everybody but the strongest 8 teams is dropped out.
• Final Stage - 10.09.16 - 16 teams fight, starting from 1/16 to 1/4, including losers.
• Final Stage II - 17.09.16 - 6 teams fight, starting from 1/4 to the final, for the title of Circle of Equals winner.

2.3. Matchmaking at the qualifying stage is random and based on similar ratings.

2.4. Eight teams from each region with the top players on the rating table will reach the final stage.

2.5. Players taking part in the tournament are responsible for getting their characters ready for combat in the tournament on time. To do this, players should speak to a special NPC and select the necessary equipment and consumables.

  • 3. Bugs, restrictions and foul play.

3.1. The rules for User participation in the game process are governed by the Rules of the Game document. These rules also apply to the actions of all tournament participants.

3.2. If a player violates the current Rules of the Game, they may be disqualified or their team may receive a technical defeat in battle.

3.3. Following a first violation of the rules, depending on the seriousness of that violation, the participant may be issued with a warning or disqualified. The participant will be automatically disqualified after a second violation.

3.4. During the combat, the Allods Team has the right to carry out any actions that are aimed at identifying violations.

  • 4. Disconnection

4.1. Disconnection is any break in the network connection during the game due to a problem in the system, network, computer failure, power problem, etc.

4.2. Tournament combat will continue even if one or several players in a team cannot continue playing because of an unintentional and unexpected disconnection.

  • 5. Other

5.1. Any request to review the results of the game will be accepted in the 60 minutes following the game, if no complaints are received in the specified time, the result will not be reviewed.

5.2. The Allods Team has the right to modify and supplement these rules at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice.

-The Allods Team