Cloud Pirates - Closed Beta & Classes Trailer
Cloud Pirates - Closed Beta & Classes Trailer

Dear Sarnaut,

Despite the upcoming finale between the united forces of Sarnaut and the relentless Architects, more and more League and Empire ships have been pilfered by unknown parties for a completely separate war – a war for dominion over the astral skies themselves!

The Allods Team are proud to announce that Cloud Pirates is now heading to the second stage of testing with its first Closed Beta Test. The skies will be lit up once again as aspiring astral pirates head to the clouds and take part in epic astral ship vs ship warfare.

Grab a sneak-peek of Cloud Pirates gameplay in our latest Cloud Pirates' Classes & Tactics trailer, showcasing twelve different classes of airships you’ll be able to command in your battle to become a legendary Cloud Pirate!

Want to get in on the fun? Then Sign Up For The Beta, which is going live as of today!

Don't want to wait? Then bear in mind that purchasing a Founders Pack grants you access to the closed-beta test AND all future tests (with early access), along with closed-beta keys to give to whomever you wish! Sound good to you, captain? Then check out all the details on our Founders Pack page and get the best possible deal!

We look forward to seeing you in the skies, Captain!

-The Allods Team