Cloud Pirates - A New Allods Experience!
Cloud Pirates - A New Allods Experience!

Dear Sarnaut,

As the League and Empire fight insurmountable odds in their battle against the Architects – desperately hoping to prevent the destruction of their homeland – every combatant knows that, win or lose, war is inevitable in this volatile world. However, not all battles involve the factions of Sarnaut, as even the great cataclysm encouraged pirates to traverse the splintered astral universe and plunder its endless treasures, far beyond the strife of Sarnaut.

To this day, astral ships manned by rogue operatives, hunters, raiders and explorers can be found wandering the astral – charting its endless depths, salvaging long lost battlecruisers, and preying on other astral travellers. No ship is safe and no screams can be heard from the farthest corners of astral space...

Members of the League and Empire, so focused on the survival of their own homeland, have not had the opportunity to witness the sheer magnitude of unexplored realms and continents that await them in the astral... There are stories and rumours, even fairy-tales for children, but the militant life of adults prevents them from discerning fact from fiction for themselves.

On the other hand, pirates dream catchers with no ties to a single allod know all too well!

Are you prepared to explore the unknown?

Allods Team & My.com are proud to introduce Cloud Pirates, a new action multiplayer game set in the Allods Universe!

Cloud Pirates gives you the chance to break away from the official wars of Sarnaut and rule the skies instead! Take command of your very own customizable pirate airship, battle rival captains amongst the clouds and blaze a trail through the Allods universe in your bid to becoming a legendary Cloud Pirate!

Do you and your squadron have what it takes?

Cloud Pirates will be heading your way later this year, yet you can still be among the first to take your ship to the skies and blast your enemies by signing up for the Beta!

Oh, and don't forget to bring your friends – a great captain always has a great crew at their back!

-The Allods Team