Collector's editions for the 9.0 "The Awakening" update
Collector's editions for the 9.0 "The Awakening" update


A new season will begin very soon, one should prepare for it thoroughly! Hurry up to buy the collector's editions devoted to the release of the 9.0 «The Awakening» update with a discount.

You will find souvenirs and useful items for a comfortable game inside them, such as Set of the High Demonologist, Demonic Chopper, adorable R’vak and R’ryk pets, Omnificent Core Morpher, Replicators, Crystal Chips and many more!


  • The components of the edition can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted image.
  • Now both collector's editions can be purchased at the same time. Please note that you can not purchase the same edition several times, as well as purchase a collection of two collector's editions after purchasing any part of it.
  • Experimental Replicator and Dominion Tools can be found in the «Sealed Tool Pack», which has no life-span.


Hurry up, the sale is limited!

Collector's Editions are sold at a reduced price of €9.99 and €29.99 before the launch of the 9.0 «The Awakening» update. The price of packs will be €15 and €45 after the update.

To purchase a Collector's Edition, you need to use the «BUY» button. If you replenish your account, you will be able to purchase the Editions for crystals, but only after the update and after the discount ends.

You can purchase the Editions already, but all the valuables ​​will be available only after the 9.0 «The Awakening» update.

We wish you a pleasant game!