Colors of War release date!
Colors of War release date!

Dear Users,

We finally have the news that you have all been waiting for!
The 5.0.01 update will release on Wednesday, July the Second. As a result next weeks maintenance will also be held on the 2nd.

Here is a summary of the main changes in the Colors of War update.

A New Skirmish

To bring some new and more interesting aspects to the PvP side, we have added a new activity, The training camp is the classic Capture the Flag event, but with an Allods twist!

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Capture The Golem

A Redesigned Dominion Raid

In the upcoming 5.0.01 update, the map for the Dominion raid battlefield will be completely redesigned and the gameplay will be enhanced with brand new features.

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Battle for Misty Glade Cannon

New Trials of Tka Rik's Cave

Tka Rik's Cave has enjoyed a revamp, not only have we expanded on the gameplay to make it more enjoyable, but we have also designed the graphics aswell, giving the cave a whole new feel!

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Changes to the Warden Class

Allods Team is constantly working on the game balance, trying to make all classes interesting and suitable for any in-game activity. The upcoming update v.5.0.01 will fix the most urgent issues with the Warden class.

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New and Returning Islands

Finally, the most interesting locations of past seasons are returning. You will be able to visit Catacombs, Green Maze, Isle of Far-Far-Away, Emerald Isle and Lost Island. As well as being able to explore the brand new Dersaadet Isle!

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New and returning islands

Updated Kingdom of Elements

The ice is thawing around the Kingdom of Elements, revealing exciting new areas to explore or to best your opponents in new PvP quests amongst other things.

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Join us on our Official Forum and tell us: Of all the features of the 5.0.01 update, what are you looking forward to the most?