Compensation for blocked accounts
Compensation for blocked accounts

Dear players,

We have finished unblocking accounts that were mistakenly flagged by our anti-fraud system. We are extremely sorry and promise to be more careful in the future. As compensation every account that was affected will receive 3000 Premium Crystals.

Crystals will be added to your account automatically throughout the week.

We are commited to make Allods Online crystal seller free and are already making improvements to our anti-fraud system. We will also try to be more transparent on the results and strategies involved in our decisions on this important matter.

Administration again wants to remind you that obtaining crystals for real money from third-party sellers is not only illegal, but can be very harmful to both the game and you as players. Remember that crystals involved in such transactions are likely purchased through stolen credit cards or transferred from hacked accounts. Don't let the price fool you.

Thank you very much for all the feedback and opinions we've got from you for the last couple of days. Your passion about the game is without a parallel and we are really lucky to have you all as players.

Keep an eye out on the news for new information about the 9.0 Update our team is hard at work on right now and that will become available very soon.

Yours truly,

Allods Team