“Creation” CE: Now Purchasable with Crystals!
“Creation” CE: Now Purchasable with Crystals!

Dear Sarnaut,

Are you looking to add more epicness to your repertoire? Well, after update 8.0.1 “Creation”, not only was the story expanded and new features added to the game, but it also saw the emergence of our latest Collector’s Edition, full to the brim with all manner of fantastic goodies. Now that very same Collector’s Edition can be acquired using crystals!


From brand-new (exclusive) costume, decorative and looter pets and Holy Weapon effects, to valuable currencies, gearing tools and even subscription time – the “Creation” Collector’s Edition has something for everybody.

(Note that Otter pet and Labyrinth Guard’s Costume are sold only as part of the edition and cannot be obtained any other way.)

Sound good to you? Then simply head to our Collector’s Edition Page for all the details on its contents. Make your next adventure a creative one with the “Creation” Collectors Edition!

-The Allods Online Team