In development: 10.2 update
In development: 10.2 update

Dear friends!

In this article, we will briefly talk about two key changes of the 10.2 update: guild castle and Astral upgrade. Here's what our designers told us.


Bastion are the magnificent constructions that you could already see on our posted media. It's not just a guild's base, but also vast hunting territories open to its members.

Bastion's creation requires the guild leader to finish a short questline with the help of the Architect. By the end of it, they'll be able to choose Bastion's name and its Keeper.

A Keeper is not some old man holding the keys in his hands, but a giant monster that will protect the guild's property with all powers available to it.

But first, you'll need to grow and train it. Keepers can go through seven development stages, changing its appearance and learning new abilities at each stage.

This is how a guild can create a perfect stronghold defender with a unique set of skills. A raid of 12 brave players can challenge a Keeper, receiving riches for their victory (or just ingloriously die in combat).

Guild members can come together for a ritual that will summon an especially strong opponent, whose defeat will bring even more resources. Also, we would like to mention banners — unique attributes that radiate very useful auras; banners can be worn by guilds most prominent members.

Additionally, Bastions will have their unique development rubies. All of it is only a part of new opportunities added by the 10.2 update. In the future, we will keep updating Bastions. The first following update will let players attack other Bastion.


This mysterious substance around the inhabited islands has always been the most unique feature of Allods Online. When we decided to work on it again, we wanted to make astral flights attractive to the players, but not by simply adding some new power items that can only be acquired in astral.

We want to give players a more convenient platform for socialization and group search. To achieve that, we will upgrade the Astral Academy, adding new traders with extended lists of items to sell, and the variety of quests among which any player can find something interesting to do.

You will travel to unexplored Astral sectors to participate in various activities. All existing adventures will be updated, and the rewards you receive for them will be improved.

Players will also be able to travel to heroic adventure islands through the Astral (with instant compass travel remaining in the game). The travel will bring additional rewards: ship equipment, fate elixirs, and hero's insignias.

In the nearest future, there will be more mechanics and content added to the Astral.