In development: Spark talents
In development: Spark talents

As we announced in the article about the upcoming global update, soon players will be able to continue developing their character even after reaching the maximum level. It’s time we told you more about Spark talents.

Every player has their own play style and goals in Sarnaut: someone aspires to win the Global Champion Dominion, someone collects costumes, and someone is building a small trading empire. But what do you do when you accomplish that? When your character is wearing a legendary set of equipment, and your personal collection makes you grin proudly? Or perhaps you’ve had no interest in the above-listed activities whatsoever?

The new development system that’s coming in the new update 9.0 “Awakening” will answer this question.

Every character will get a new parameter - their Spark level which is shared by the Progenitor and all their incarnations. Its maximum value is not limited, and to increase it, you will need special experience that can be obtained by participating in various activities.

It should be noted that you can get Spark XP for participating in an event only once during a specified period of time. If you complete them again with Incarnations (after the Progenitor), you’ll get no extra XP.

Once in two weeks:

  • Complete the Trial of Blood.

Once a week:

  • Complete Ardent Hunt in the Kingdom of Elements (defeat Firocious).
  • Participate in Dominion (regular and rating versions).
  • Visit a raid adventure at any difficulty.

Once a day:

  • Defeat the final enemy in an astral adventure.
  • Win a rating combat.
  • Win any combat.
  • Win on the Arena of Death.
  • Complete daily quests in the Kingdom of Elements.
  • Complete Klavdia's Challenge in Tka-Rik's Cave.
  • Complete the Astral Hunt quest (get 10 chests with loot).
  • Hunt down the Archdemon or an Octulhu.

Each new level will require more XP than the last, but its rate will increase every 9 weeks during the whole season, so it will be hard to fall completely behind. But you should still make an effort.

As your Spark level grows, you will get Rubies which can be placed in a special slot to unlock various talents. They can increase the amount of resources you earn (from XP to Fate Elixirs), unlock special toys, grant bonuses to stats and special effects.

Assigned Rubies can be redistributed at a Soul Creator at the capital, but you will have to sacrifice two of your Spark levels for that.