Ending Soon: History Of Kelpie
Ending Soon: History Of Kelpie

Dear Sarnaut,

We'd like to remind you that our GP Event: "The History of Kelpie" is ending soon, so don't miss the opportunity to snag your very own mysterious doppelganger Kelpie mount!

"No one knows where this mysterious shape-shifting beast has came from, how it gained the ability to mimic other creatures, what its intentions are... Or why the name "Kelpie" sprang to mind when people first discovered it. All we know is that it has no form of its own - choosing, instead, to mirror-copy other mounts."

The History Of Kelpie event ends on the 27th of April, giving players the opportunity to win their very own Kelpie by offering a creative interpretation of this magical creature's backstory via the Allods Guild Portal.


► Your story must be at least 500 words - and no more than 1000.
► Entries from previous Kelpie events cannot be resubmitted.
► Include your character's name and server when posting your entry.
► Any content which is vulgar or inappropriate will be immediately disqualified and removed.
► This event is exclusive to the Guild Portal, thus entries posted on the forums won't be accepted.

Entries will be judged after the closing date, with three prizes per language are up for grabs:

1st: Kelpie, 5000 Premium Crystals, 4 Anniversary Platinum Coins
2nd: Kelpie, 3000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins
3rd: Kelpie, 2000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins

  • NOTE: Prizes can be converted to subscription time on request!

Those who forge the best record of Kelpie's past history will get to give it a new destiny as part of their mount collection - so be creative!

-The Allods Team