Ending Soon: Miraculous Ark - 80% Off!
Ending Soon: Miraculous Ark - 80% Off!

Dear Sarnaut,

We'd like to remind you that the 80% Discount off the Miraculous Ark is ending soon, so don't miss out on the opportunity to instantly level any Progenitor (level 4-59) to level 60 - complete with all necessary resources, equipment, and a complete set of level 5 runes - at a drastically lowered price!

Whether a first time Sarnaut superstar in the making, or a grizzled veteran on the cusp of creating another new hero, the Miraculous Ark is a wonderful pick-me-up that can boost you into the fray with everything you need on the road to max-level.

Even Goblin Banker couldn't predict that this wonderful phenomenon would have gone on-sale for 80% Off, though he definitely knows that not every miracle lasts forever - so don't miss it!

-The Allods Team