Ending Soon: Prophetic Card of the Northern Treasures
Ending Soon: Prophetic Card of the Northern Treasures

Dear Sarnaut,

We'd like to remind you that the Prophetic Card of the Northern Treasures sale is ending soon, so don't miss the opportunity to decipher secret Priden codes that lead to amazing treasures, such as special equipment, costumes, potent elixirs and armfuls of priceless currency. It is said that these Prophetic Cards can also teach you how to tame spectacular mounts, from playful prowling wild-cats and war-ready snowhorn rhinos, to the headstrong tungar rams and even the snow-born forest moose.

By deciphering the Priden knowledge contained within these cards, you are destined to stumble upon a wealth of northern treasures!

  • You can find Prophetic Cards scattered around the world or buy them from local holiday committees in Novograd and Nezebgrad.
  • Prophetic Cards can be deciphered using an “Ancient Compass”, available in the Boutique.
  • Deciphering Prophetic Cards rewards you with items of varying degrees of rarity, including: gold dust, costumes, crystal chips, powerful potions, and fantastic mounts.
  • After a certain amount of Compasses are used, you will be eligible for a “Stroke of Luck”, gaining an “Extra Draw” that allows you to obtain one of the rarest items.
  • No matter how lucky (or unlucky) your attempts are, rest assured – you will obtain a guaranteed prize for each “Milestone” reached.

This event ends on the 27th of May, so be sure to consider joining the Northern Cavalry in search of exquisite northern treasure!

-The Allods Team