Equilibrium Server: Bonus Extension
Equilibrium Server: Bonus Extension

Dear Sarnaut,

After its initial opening two months ago, Equilibrium – our newest server – was immediately showered with every single available boost and bonus known to Allods Online, currently providing everyone with daily gifts and equipment, drastic experience and loot bonuses, powerful features and abilities, epic mounts and boutique items, and a promise that all of these amazing bonuses would last until the month of August. However, we are actually going back on that promise – they will not last until August... All these amazing bonuses will now last until September instead!

That’s right – the epic celebrations on Equilibrium are being extended even further, so if you are new to Allods Online, all of these glorious goodies will be within your grasp for a whole month more. These boosts are so powerful that you can level to maximum within a few days, giving veterans and newcomers alike absolute comfort during journeys through the vast and vibrant steam-punk world of Sarnaut, no matter how experienced you are with the game itself.

Do not miss out on this opportunity, hero. Unimaginable power still awaits you on the Equilibrium server until the end of August. Grab it while you can!

-The Allods Online Team