Fright Fest III: Triple Event Results
Fright Fest III: Triple Event Results


Dear Sarnaut,

Halloween may be over but we've still got some spooky matters to attend to, namely the Fright Fest III contest results! We asked the community to supply horror stories, selfies and movies based on Allods Online for a chance to win a pumpkin full of Premium Crystals.


Fright Fest Rewards (per category):
- 1st Place: 5000 Premium Crystals
- 2nd Place: 3000 Premium Crystals
- 3rd Place: 2000 premium Crystals

Here are your winners!

(Movie) 1st Place Rosman
(Movie) 2nd Place Tamora
(Movie) 3rd Place Bimkasiyeri


(Selfie) 1st Place Nyix
(Selfie) 2nd Place Christabella
(Selfie) 3rd Place Plumedesang

Horror Stories:
The rewards apply per language for the Horror Stories contest. Here are the EN winners!

(Story) 1st Place EN Ezell
(Story) 2nd Place EN Luminus
(Story) 3rd Place EN Kissaki

A big thank you goes out to all participants - and a huge congratulations to all the winners! Don't forget to join us on the Guild Portal to see all the other great submissions! We'll be in touch with the winners in order to organize the prizes - so stay tuned.

-The Allods Team