Ghostly Training Camp
Ghostly Training Camp

It's time to shed some light on «Ghostly Training Camp» one of the many PvE activities of the Destination Horizon update.

In the world of darkness, where every hand able to hold a sword counts, death is a luxury we can't afford. Captain Dunai and his crusaders are the last shield between our city and the danger from the outside. But the sword will rust if not put to work, and the hand will become weak.

The old orc knows that a true warrior should not idle inside the city walls. The craft of war cannot be taught on motionless dummies, and the risks of sending untrained rookies outside are too high.

Great mage Zayan came up with a solution to that problem. He created an illusion that was indistinguishable from reality. The master recreated old lands of Umoir, Kania and Ferris as he remembered them, and turned them into training grounds for Dunai's warriors. The last problem was to find an enemy that would challenge the strength of the crusaders.

Witchers, despised in the society that fears them almost as much as the undead from outside the walls, answered the call of Zayan and offered him their services. A delicate process of soul extraction that is only known to gloomy wizards, turns out to be more useful than ever.

That's how the first soul impression was made — an artifact that holds inside an essence of a living creature. They are separated into different factions, depending on who the creatures were in life.

Any defeated creature has a small chance to leave a soul impression behind after its death. You can install it in your own version of Phantom ground, thus creating more complex modules.

But not only Dunai's Crusaders need training. Finist and his trackers took interest in this curious invention. The popularity of it grows, and the interest becomes competitive in nature. Anyone can choose a combat ground and use soul impressions they've found or bought to imitate opponents, and then announce their creation open to anyone who who wants to test their strength!

After opening your phantom ground to others, you'll receive valuable rewards for PvE part of the game, if other players fail your module. Owners of the most difficult modules will receive even more valuable rewards at the end of the season! Phantom grounds are designed for three players and don't require pre-made parties.

After you begin to work with the module, you'll notice many interesting combinations you can make. Let's look at one of them.

There's three opponents in the group: a treant, a werewolf and a dryad. As soon as the werewolf receives enough damage, he will attack his fellow dryad, devouring her and restoring his powers. If players don't interrupt this process, the treant will become upset, and start using some new abilities that will significantly increase the difficulty of the module. And that's not the only possible variation!

Besides creatures, players can instal special anomalies that are able to completely change the course of combat. For example, change all creatures' appearances so they look like trolls, and make their names invisible to players. This way it will be impossible to tell what kind of group is ahead until the combat starts.

Positive effects of creatures only work if they're in group with creatures of the same faction. This way, a dryad of the forest folk won't heal a rotten skeleton of the undead. Also, special area of effect attacks will have a friendly fire effect, which will encourage players to use creatures of the same faction within one group (but not necessarily within the whole phantom ground).

Be ready for the trainings. Every days warriors fight on the streets of Plagot, forests of Ferris and meadows of Kania. They learn from their mistakes, studying their enemy before the real battle comes.

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