Goblinball - Season Results
Goblinball - Season Results


Dear Sarnaut,

After 3 months of running, kicking, and goblins screaming - the Goblinball season has come to an end! For those who missed out on the details of the tournament, or wish to learn about Goblinball Seasons, then be sure to check the previous Goblinball article.

Here's a quick reminder of what you've been competing for this season:

[F2P] New Frontier:

  • 1st-4th: 3,000 Premium Crystals and the unique Speeder.
  • 5th-24th: 1,000 Premium Crystals.
  • Top 10%: 200 Premium Crystals.

[P2P] Smuggler's Paradise:

  • 1st-4th : 80,000 gold and the unique Speeder.
  • 5th-24th: 40,000 Gold.
  • Top 10%: 10,000 Gold.


Now, give the Goblins a break and check out the top of the leader-boards!

[F2P] New Frontier: Top 4 -- 3,000 Premium Crystals & Unique Speeder

  • 1st. Rheul
  • 2nd. Xwolkanxx
  • 3rd. Maddog
  • 4th. Wasley

[P2P] Smuggler's Paradise: Top 4 -- 80,000 Gold & Unique Speeder

  • 1st. Selune
  • 2nd. Mmoseppe
  • 3rd. Blesnar
  • 4th. Enigma

Congratulations to our top Goblinball players - and thanks to everyone who took part this season! We'll be handing out rewards to the winners this Monday (December 1st), so make sure to get some rest before the next season begins!

-The Allods Team