GP Event: Kepie Results!
GP Event: Kepie Results!

Dear Sarnaut,

We asked you to help us better understand the dubious unseen creature, Kelpie, by posting what you believed to be a suitable back story about her/him/it over on the Guild Portal - with a chance to win your very own Kelpie mount and an armful of goodies! The best minds of Sarnaut couldn't solve the Kelpie mystery - but what about our community? What do they believe this creature to be?

It's time to read into the community hive-mind and see how they envision this strange doppleganger, with the winners having a chance to tame one for their very own!

"This mount is able to morph into any mount that you already possess, but with its own speed and hit points. It will inherit the level, satiety and certain abilities from the source mount - such as the ability to move on water and to receive no damage from falling."

  • Don't forget: Prizes can be converted to subscription time on request!
Position Reward
First Kelpie Mount
5,000 Premium Crystals
4 Anniversary Platinum Coins
Second Kelpie Mount
3,000 Premium Crystals
3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins
Third Kelpie Mount
2,000 Premium Crystals
3 Anniversary Platinum Coins

Without further ado, here are the people who will get to ride Kelpie into the Sarnaut sunset!

First Second Third
Psoglav Gwiniel Anvard

Congratulations for taming the elusive Kelpie - and a huge thank you to everyone else who offered their insight into this mystery!

-The Allods Team