[Guide] 6.0 Equipment: Upgrade System
[Guide] 6.0 Equipment: Upgrade System


Dear Sarnaut,

Welcome to our breakdown of the 6.0 Equipment Upgrade System.

In Update 6.0 “Broken Chains”, players will be able to obtain equipment sets of two types – regular (level 65) or enchanted (level 66).

All stages of upgrading takes the same time for both types - at least until creating fabled gear. The enchanted set will be one level above the regular set across all stages of upgrading - and each set also has its own upgraders.

  • Upgraders of Regular Equipment

  • Upgraders of Enchanted Equipment

As previously mentioned, Astral layers will be divided into three sectors in the new season:

  • I – Easy Difficulty.
    Upgraders of level 65. No death limits - but less loot.

  • II – Medium Difficulty.
    Upgraders of level 65. Death limit and Second Chance.

  • III – Hard Difficulty.
    Upgraders of level 66. Death limit and Second Chance. When you receive the Second Chance, you'll be able to choose which types of upgraders you wish to loot - but after that, you will loot upgraders of level 65.

Upgrading level 66 equipment requires flying to the third sector and looting level 66 upgraders. If you receive a Second Chance, you will loot level 65 upgraders, which are not applicable to level 66 equipment.

The more often your progress in the third sector is reset, the less slots with enchanted equipment of level 66 and the more slots with regular equipment of level 65 you gain.

If you can’t collect a complete set of enchanted equipment right away, don’t give up!

To obtain enchanted equipment, you'll need Enchanting Lenses, which are obtainable from Relic Masters in the Astral Academy. During each storyline stage, they'll give two quests:

  • Enchanting Epic Equipment
  • Wild Sector: Enchanting Epic Equipment

During both quests, you will be able to receive shards of Enchanting Lenses of the corresponding quality.

Here is the specification of these quests:

Quest Enchanting Epic Equipment Wild Sector: Enchanting Epic Equipment
Recurrence Weekly Weekly
Implies Collecting 28 Small Hearts of Magic 56 Hearts of Magic
Requires Scroll of Enchantment Scroll of Enchantment

Hearts of Magic are looted from bosses on allods in the relevant Astral layers while being under the Helping Hand effect.

You will receive 1 Small Heart of Magic from each killed boss in the second sector while being under the Helping Hand effect, and 2 Hearts of Magic from each slain boss in the third sector. Upon completing each of these quests, the designated amount of Hearts of Magic will be converted into shards of Enchanting Lenses. They are used to purchase Enchanting Lenses from the Relic masters.

Here are some other important notes:

  • You will be able to loot both Small and regular Hearts of Magic without taking these quests by killing bosses - provided you are under the Helping Hand effect.
  • Hearts of Magic can be traded in once a week after accepting one of the quests - so you cannot complete both quests in one week.
  • Scrolls of Enchantment, available at the Relic Masters, go up in price with each new stage, thus compensating the difference between the cost of upgrading regular and enchanted equipment.
  • Enchanting Lenses can be only applied to upgradeable items with no upgrading progress.
  • Any enchanted item of level 66 can be transformed into a regular item of level 65 with the same upgrading progress using Enchantment Eliminators.

That's it for Upgrading - but stay tuned for more 6.0 “Broken Chains” updates soon!

To discuss these changes, join us in the 6.0 Upgrading System Dedicated Thread!


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