[Guide] 6.0 Loot: What & Where?
[Guide] 6.0 Loot: What & Where?


Dear Sarnaut,

Update 6.0 “Broken Chains” brings serious changes to the gaming process, so we'd like to reveal more details on how, and where, certain items are obtained during the 6.0 season.

  • Glyphs & Fragments

The first step is to complete a storyline section which ends in Dragon Bay - the first zone of the new Wild Shore. This is a party zone which allows players to obtain either Uncut Glyphs, or ready-to-use Glyphs of uncommon and rare quality.


Glyphs can be obtained by:

  • Completing daily quests in specific locations, which may reward players with Uncut Glyphs (intact).
  • Collecting ready-to-use Glyphs from dangerous monsters at the Wild Shores, with Red Zones of the first Wild Shore offering a chance of looting intact Rare Glyphs.
  • Collecting 100 Uncut Glyph fragments from killed monsters, which can be combined into one Uncut Glyph. These can also be obtained (without a party) by hunting monsters in the Silent Toroses on Ferris.


You can also acquire Uncommon Glyphs in yellow astral sectors, whilst rare ones are acquired in red sectors.


Etherium Crystals can be purchased in the Hangar, or at the Astral Academy, using Astral Nuggets - a currency which can be earned by hunting Astral Demons and delivering Treasure Chests to the Demon Hunters in the Hangar.

The Etherium Crystals, as well as Uncut Glyphs and crafting components, are required to forge Glyphs and insert them into equipment of levels 65 and 66.


  • Astral & Equipment

Bosses in the first and second sectors of the Mysterious Astral drop Coins of Astral Islands, which are used to purchase upgraders for items of level 65.

Level 66 equipment will be only available to the greatest heroes who brave the third sector of the Mysterious Astral. By killing bosses there, you can loot Enchanted Coins of Astral Islands, which are used to purchase enchanted equipment upgraders from vendors at the Astral Academy, used to upgrade level 66 items.

When upgrading level 65 or 66 equipment, you will still require Amalgam.


Along with coins, you can also loot ready-to-use upgraders for a selected slot (regardless of armour type).

Flying to Astral Allods requires Astral Keys, which you will start receiving after completing the storyline quests in Dragon Bay. Every day, players will receive two keys (instead of a pack of keys once a week) - and surreal keys will no longer be used.

Maximum amount of regular keys at your disposal will be 28 - and unlike before, they will not expire. However, all keys exceeding the 28 maximum will be discarded - and you require at least one Astral Key to enter an allod.

  • Reward Trading

Most of the things in question can be sold to, or bought from, the Negotiants.

For example: Glyph fragments, intact Glyphs, Etherium, and Amalgam, can all be traded with the Negotiants for their currency. If you do not wish to hunt Demons in the Astral, then you can participate in Skirmishes and earn Amalgam, sell it, and buy Etherium or intact Glyphs with the received coins.

This makes the Negotiants a great way to shuffle your desired and undesired resources!

That's all for now, though do join us in the dedicated thread to discuss these great changes!


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