Happy Birthday, Allods! (2016)
Happy Birthday, Allods! (2016)

Dear Sarnaut,

Welcome to Allods second birthday under My.Com operation!

Starting on March 17th, we celebrate a very special occasion which, unlike other events in the past, the capital's have not organized a huge festival for. Instead, it is the Demon Hunter's who spent many restless night in preparation for what is to come and are now on their way to both faction capitals to spread the word!

Both Krasimir Chernov at the League astral port, and Bulat Jerohin at the Empire astral port, are offering all Sarnautians a variety of festive wares for you to peruse! Fancy a souvenir? Then trade for them using commemorative coins! Not enough coins? Refer to the Demon Hunter in question and they may have a few tasks for you to perform instead.


Need directions? Simply click on the cracker-icon emblazoned in the lower left corner of the screen and your character will head to the Astral port for you.

However, no Demon Hunter can stand around for long without something demonic happening in the vicinity! From the 24th of March, a second phase begins (though the first phase still remains intact). Even more tasks and rewards become available, from ring-fighting to demon-petting (which, knowing demons, probably involves more fighting). You never know what to expect with demons!

Given the Demon Hunters are always needed elsewhere, they will remain with us only until April 17th before leaving the Empire & League Ports to travel back into the demon infested astral once again, so enjoy the celebrations while you can.

We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to all players for their many years of enthusiasm towards Allods, the passionate feedback on the forums, and all the support you've given us through the years!

Happy birthday, Allods - and happy hunting, everyone!