Introducing 7.0.1 Update - Unconquered Summit
Introducing 7.0.1 Update - Unconquered Summit


We are proud to announce a new update for Allods: Update 7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit", introducing various new features to the game. In the upcoming weeks, we will reveal those features so that you know what to look forward to in the release!

New Storyline Chapter & Adventure

In the next storyline episode, you will solve uncanny murders in Iron and Shore Cities, and face mysterious fanatics who are plotting something truly terrible! The investigation will lead you to the new raid adventure called “Winter Palace”.


But don’t be deceived by either the welcoming looks of the castle or its fairytale name. Behind its doors has sheltered a violent cult whose members are attempting to create monstrous hybrids of humans and Architects.

The adventurers will have to eliminate the vicious cult and defeat four mighty opponents!


“Winter Palace” raid adventure will be accessible through the Group Search window for all characters with equipment level 83,000 or higher.

Good luck!